Physical Methods in Agriculture: Approach to Precision and Quality

Edited by Jirí Blahovec and Miroslav Kutílek 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers  2003  

Hardbound  472 pp  ISBN 9780306474309      £219.00
The papers in this book deal with both the physical theories and their applications in the full broad range of agriculture: soils, their parameters and transport processes, soil technology, precision agriculture, agricultural products and their processing, testing and storage and products, genetic modification of agricultural plants. In all those subjects the physical aspects are studied. The majority of the papers belong to the category of interdisciplinary sciences. The papers are divided into three groups. In the first group are papers dealing with soil physical properties. The research was aimed at direct observation of soil porous systems from which the appropriate theory of transport was derived. Special attention was paid to estimation errors of physical parameters. High accuracy in determination of data monitoring location is reflected by papers on allocation agriculture, precision farming. The second group contains papers with experimental and theoretical improvement in product properties knowledge. The possibilities of application of such methods in modern genetic engineering are discussed too. The third group of papers represents recent physical approach to technological properties of fruits, especially in relation to their pre-harvest and storage softening, as well as to their susceptibility to damage.


On precision and quality; M. Kutílek.

Part 1: Soil and Allocation Agriculture.
Image analysis and microscopic techniques to characterize soil pore system; M. Pagliai, N. Vignozzi.
The horizontal hydraulic conductivity of vertical interaggregate capillary cracks in clay soils; V.Y. Chertkov.
Estimation error in statistical distribution: soil hydraulic parameters; M. Kutílek, et al.
The influence of tillage methods on the infiltration in soil; S. Matula. Bifacial PV modules in solar trackers and concentrators: A new approach to supplying power in agriculture; M. Libra, V. Poulek.
Precision farming - A multidisciplinary approach for cereal production; R.J. Godwin.
Monitoring frost injury to winter crops; V. Yakushev, et al

Part 2: Properties and Quality.
Stress relaxation in potato: Before and after cooking; J. Blahovec.
Determination of hen's eggshell elastic properties under quasistatic compression; J. Buchar, et al.
The cracking mechanisms of grain legume; B. Dobrzanski Jr.
Properties of grain for silo strength calculation; J. Horabik, M. Molenda.
Digital image analysis - Essence and application in cereal science; T. Jelinski, et al.
Thermal conductivity of macaroni products; S. Tavman, P. Yolci.
Transgenosis for changes of physical properties of plants and plant products; M. Ondrej.
Novel agricultural materials for food and feed. The transgenic crops: From cereals to potato; J. Fornal, et al.

Part 3: Fruits.
Physical properties of fruit firmness and chemical structure of cell walls during fruit softening; N. Sakurai.
Firmness and softening of fruits and vegetables; J. De Baerdemaeker, et al.
Determination of a drop damage index to estimate bruising susceptibility of apple Royal Gala by logistic model; P. Menesatti, et al.
Color as a quality factor of fruits and vegetables; B. Dobrzański, R. Rybczynski.
Uncertainty of measurements of the fruit impacts by artificial fruit (PMS-60) in tomato handling chains; V. van Linden, et al.
Thermal imaging. A promising high-tec method in agriculture and horticulture; H.J. Hellebrand, et al.
Sensing taste attributes of plums using near infrared (NIR) reflectance spectroscopy; N. Abu-Khalaf, B.S. Bennedsen.

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