Introduction to Nutrition and Health Research

Eunsook T. Koh and Willis L. Owen 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  October 2000  

Hardbound  384 pp  ISBN 9780792379836      £199.00
Introduction to Nutrition and Health Research aims to fill a critical gap in dietetics, nutrition and health education literature by providing a comprehensive guide to conducting research and understanding the research of others. Using actual articles, this book teaches how researchers identified problems; how they framed those problems; and how they reported, interpreted and implemented their findings. Step by step, the chapters cover an overview of the process, statistical and measurement concepts, types of research (including experimental, quasi-experimental, descriptive, and qualitative research), how to present results and computer techniques for data analysis. While this book is primarily aimed at masters and doctoral level students and beginning researchers, it will also have strong appeal for teachers, technicians and counselors.



Part I: Overview of the Research Process.
1. Introduction to Research in Nutrition and Health.
2. Research Problem and Literature Review.
3. Framing a Research Problem: Hypotheses, Purposes, Objectives, and Questions.
4. Writing Method Sections.
5. Ethical Issues in Research and Scholarship.

Part II: Statistical and Measurement Concepts in Research.
6. Statistical Concepts.
7. Relationships Among Variables.
8. Differences Among Groups.
9. Nonparametric Statistics.
10. Measuring Research Variables.

Part III: Various Types of Research.
11. Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research.
12. Descriptive Research and Qualitative Research.

Part IV: Writing the Research Proposal and Results.
13. Results, Discussion, and Abstract.
14. Publications.
15. Writing the Research Proposal.

Part V: Using Computers in Research.
16. Using Computers.

Appendix: A. Statistical Tables.
Subject Index.

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