Handbook of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

Edited by Christian N. Madu 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  November 2000  

Hardbound  504 pp  ISBN 9780792384496      £233.00
Manufacturers are increasingly, under pressure from their major stakeholders to integrate environmental issues in the design and management of their products. These stakeholders include customer, regulators, employees, communities, and interest groups who have a common stake in protecting the earth from pollution and in limiting the exploitation of earth's limited natural resources. Manufacturers recognize that being environmentally responsible also offers competitive advantage to the firm. Hence the Handbook of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing is written as a state-of-the-art reference to environmentally conscious manufacturing (ECM). The chapter authors were carefully selected. All the chapter authors have done extensive research and / or practice work in the field of ECM.

The Handbook covers all the major topics in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing. There are specific chapters to deal with sustainable manufacturing, recycling, eco-labelling, life cycle assessment, and ISO 14000 series of standards, as well as decision-making aspects of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing. Decision-oriented topics on supply chain, decision models, quality initiative, environmental costing and decision support systems are also covered. The influence of ECM on marketing imperative is also covered. The Handbook is the most comprehensive treatment of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing available to-date. It is the definitive, state-of-the-art reference to ECM and its applications to today's manufacturing firms.


  • Preface.
  • Biographical sketch.
  • 1. Sustainable manufacturing; C.N. Madu.
  • 2. Concepts and methodologies to help promote industrial ecology; J.A. Scott, I. Christensen, K. Krishnamohan, A. Gabric.
  • 3. ISO 14000 and environmentally conscious manufacturing; J.A. Affisco.
  • 4. Communicating product recovery activities; G. Ferrer, D.C. Whybark.
  • 5. Green design and quality initiatives; N. Conway-Schempf, L. Lave.
  • 6. Environmental cost accounting and business strategy; R.J.P. Gale, P.K. Stokoe.
  • 7. Accounting for an environmentally conscious setting; Bin Srinidhi.
  • 8. The development of eco-labelling schemes; S. Salmas Huusain, Dae-Woong Lim.
  • 9. Green advertising; S.J. Newell.
  • 10. Recycling as universal resource policy; P. Palmer.
  • 11. Innovation towards environmental sustainability in industry; P.J. Partidário.
  • 12. A systematic framework for environmentally conscious design; M.H. Wang.
  • 13. Environmental attributes of manufacturing process; J.W. Sutherland, K.L. Gunter.
  • 14. Environmental decision support systems; S.P. Frysinger.
  • 15. Decision models for reverse production system design; J.C. Ammons, D. newton, M.J. Realff.
  • 16. Environmentally sound supply chain management; S. Beckman, J. Bercovitz, C. Rosen.
  • 17. Life cycle assessment, C.N. Madu.
  • 18. Multi-pathway and cumulative risk-assessment; D.J. Crawford-Brown, Hwong-Wen Ma.
  • 19. Reclamation and recycling of municipal waste; I.E. Madu.
  • 20. Challenging the future; J. Müller, O. Deubzer, H. Griese, H. Pötter, H. Reichl.
  • Index.

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