Edited by J. Perry Gustafson and R.B. Flavell 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers  April 2000  

Hardbound  262 pp  ISBN 0306463601      £114.00
This volume brings together the disciplines of plant and animal genome research, and serves as an opportunity for scientists from both fields to compare results, problems and prospects.


  • Genomic Landscapes And Strategies For Sequencing the Human Genome; L. Rown.
  • A Statistician
  • Looks for Human Disease Genes; B.S. Weir.
  • The Identification Of Genes For Complex Genetic Diseases; M. Dean, et al.
  • Reconstructing The Genome Of The Vertebrate Ancestor; D.C. Morizot.
  • Whole Genome Scanning For Economic Trait Loci In The U.S. Holstein Population; H.A. Lewin.
  • Studying Germline Genetic Events In Single Individuals; N. Arnheim.
  • Recombination And Human Diversity; J.A.L. Armour, et al.
  • In Pursuit Of A Nuclear Factor Influencing Mitochondrial Genome Configuration In A Higher Plant; W.H.J. Vanhouten, S.A. Mackenzie.
  • Biodiversity In Agricultural Systems: New Challenges For Genome Diversity Studies; A. Karp.
  • Rice Genome Research: An Alternative Approach Based On Molecular Cytology; K. Fukui, N. Ohmido.
  • Genetics Of The Maize Proteome; D. de Vienne, et al.
  • Homology-Dependent Gene Silencing in Transgenic Plants: Link To Cellular Defense Responses and Genome Evolution; M.A. Matzke, et al.
  • Necessary Condition For Its Rational Conservation And Use; P. Gepts.
  • The Evolution Of Comparative Plant Genetics; M.E. Sorrells.
  • From Genome Structure To Pragmatic Breeding Of Wheat And Barley; P. Langridge.
  • Gene Expression And Genome Structure Relevance In An Applied Project On Wheat Quality; O.D. Anderson.
Poster Abstracts.
  • Sorting Individual Chromosomes Of Corn And Wheat; K. Arumuganathan, K.S. Gill.
  • AFLP Markers For Mapping And Characterization Of A New Hessian Fly Resistance Gene; C.C. Collier, C.E. Williams.
  • Hybridization Of Cultivated Rice With Its Wild Relatives To Incorporate Sheath Blight Resistance; G.C. Eizenga, J. Neil Rutger.
  • GISH-Banding In Festuca Pratensis; I. Pasakinskiene, et al.
  • The Molecular Nature And Cytological Consequences of Genome Expansion In The Lolium/Festuca Complex; J. Head, et al.
  • Comparative Mapping Of The Wheat Chromosome 5a Vrn-A1 Region With Rice And Its Relationship To Qtl For Flowering Time; R.N. Sarma, et al.
  • Instability Of Subtelomeric Tandem Repeats Of Wheat Species; E.A. Salina, et al.
  • Isolation Of Differentially Expressed Messages In Sexually Reproducing Tripsacum Dactyloides; B.B. Houghteling, et al.
  • Development Of An AFLP Linkage Map For Qtl Analysis of Mating Song In The Hawaiian Cricket, Laupala; Y.M. Parsons, K.L. Shaw. Genome Specific
  • DNA Probes In Curcifers; D.J. Somers, et al.

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