Food Industry and the Environment In the European Union: Practical Issues and Cost Implications (Second Edition )

Janet M. Dalzell 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers  November 1999  

Hardbound  348 pp  ISBN 9780834217195      £114.00
Environmental issues are of increasing concern to the food industry, as consumers and legislators have forced manufacturers to become more aware of the environmental consequences of their operations. The second edition of this book has incorporated recent developments in Europe, such as energy conservation, pollution control and recycling of packaging waste, and the impact of these issues on the cost and practicalities of implementing an environmental policy.


  • Organic and Non-Organic Agriculture.
  • Environmental Implications of Genetic Engineering in the Food Industry.
  • Energy Efficiency and Improved Profitability.
  • Noise and Air Pollution in the Food Industry: ources, Control and Cost Implications.
  • Food and Wastewater.
  • Cooling and Temperature-Controlled Storage and Distribution Systems.
  • Packaging Options.
  • Disposal of Used Packaging.
  • Glossary.
  • Index
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