Dictionary of Food and Ingredients, Fifth Edition

Robert S. Igoe 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers  2011  

Softcover  240 pp  ISBN 9780834219526      £36.00
Dictionary of Food Ingredients is a concise, easy-to-use resource, covering over 1,000 food ingredients and additives, including natural ingredients, FDA-approved artificial ingredients, and compounds used in food processing. Organized alphabetically, definitions cover functionality, chemical properties, and applications, and thorough cross referencing allows readers to follow related and similar ingredients. A section based on the Code of Federal Regulations lists food ingredients according to their US approval status, and a bibliography pinpoints further information.

This revised and updated fifth edition features a new section, €Food Definitions and Formulations,€ and a thoroughly expanded list of food ingredients approved for use in the European Union, with E numbers. In addition, the fifth edition provides new information on existing and more recently approved ingredients.



Part I- Ingredients Dictionary

Part II- Ingredient Categories
Acidulants Antioxidants Chelating Agents (Sequestrants) Colors Corn Sweeteners Emulsifiers Fats and Oils Flavors Flour Gums Preservatives Spices Starch Sweeteners Vitamins

Part III-Food Definitions and Formulations
Cheese Cream Products Dressings Frozen Desserts Fruit Spreads Macaroni and Noodle Products Margarine and Butter Milks Process Cheese Syrups Tomato Products Yogurt

Part IV-Additives/Substances for Use in Foods:
Listed under Title of the Code of Federal Regulations
Listing of Color Additives Exempt from Certification
Listing of Color Additives Subject to Certification
Listing of Certified Provisionally Listed Colors and Specifications
Food Additives Permitted for Direct Addition to Food for Human Consumption
Substances Generally Recognized as Safe
Direct Food Substances Affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe
Indirect Food Substances Affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe
Food Additives E Numbers in the European Union


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