Coastal Conservation and Management: An Ecological Perspective

J. Pat Doody 
Kluwer Academic Publishers  November 2000  

Hardbound  328 pp  ISBN 9780412594700      £180.00
Coastal Conservation and Management provides the reader with a synthesis of the range and variation of the main coastal formations and includes practical guidance on their management. The book discusses all the main coastal habitats of importance for nature conservation (saltmarsh, shingle, sand dune and seacliff) as well as combinations of these habitats (estuaries and other coastal wetlands). It offers a comprehensive picture of both the soft sedimentary formations and those which are more resilient. While these habitats have all been covered elsewhere in the literature, no single volume gives such a wide-ranging account. An attempt is made throughout to provide the reader with a basic understanding of the importance and range of variation of each habitat and coastal ecosystem. The principal issues are discussed and the key management options identified. Some prescriptive suggestions are made, though for the most part, the reader is left to ponder the issues and their possible solutions. The book argues for a more dynamic approach to the conservation of coastal habitats commensurate with the nature of the ecosystems themselves.

Coastal Conservation and Management also stresses interrelationships with human use. By bringing these elements together, it highlights the need for new approaches to conservation management, which accept that change can be a healing force in the rehabilitation of degraded coastal areas. In this context, the book brings the geomorphology of coastal systems to the fore, suggesting that they may be more robust than is normally suggested. In the face of global warming, Coastal Conservation and Management also advocates a reappraisal of the value of natural systems as a means of providing a more flexible and efficient response to rising sea levels.


  • 1. Introduction.
  • 2. General Principles.
  • 3. Sea Cliffs & Sea Cliff Vegetation.
  • 4. Seabirds, Sea Cliffs & Islands.
  • 5. Saltmarsh.
  • 6. Spartina anglica - A Case of Invasion.
  • 7. Sand Dune.
  • 8. Shingle Beaches & Structures.
  • 9. Nature Conservation at Dungeness - A Case History.
  • 10. Coastal Wetlands - Estuaries, Deltas & Lagoons.
  • 11. Grazing Marshes & Salinas.
  • 12. Ecological Networks.
  • 13. Integrated Coastal Management.
  • 14. Habitat Protection, Coastal Conservation & Management.
  • References.
  • Index.
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