Chemicals via Higher Plant Bioengineering

Edited by Fereidoon Shahidi, Paul Kolodziejczyk, John R. Whitaker, Agustin Lopez Munguia and Glenn Fuller 
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers  1999  

Hardbound  284 pp  ISBN 9780306461170      £134.00
Topics in this groundbreaking proceedings include: the manipulation of genes in plants in order to produce needed food-related compounds, novel vaccines and therapeutic reagents, better overall fruits and vegetables, improved nutritional quality, and prevention of problems affecting the quality of plant foods. General strategies are presented on how to efficiently approach the bioengineering of a plant for better properties by creating arsenals of various cloned genes for enzymes from plant algae, fungal, and bacterial sources.


  • Preface.
  • 1. Chemicals in Higher Plants via Bioengineering: An Overview; F. Shahidi, P.P. Kolodzieczyk.
  • 2. Recent progress in agricultural biotechnology and opportunities for contract research and development; P.P. Kolodziejczyk, P. Fedec.
  • 3. Manipulation of plant oil composition for the production of valuable chemicals in progress, problems and prospects; D.J. Murphy.
  • 4. Biosynthesis of Oricinoleate in castor oil; T.A. McKeon, et al.
  • 5. Monoterpenes in essential oils: Biosynthesis and properties; H. Loza-Tavera.
  • 6. Biochemical and molecular tools for the production of useful terpene products from pepper (Capsicum ammuum); E. Lozoya-Glona.
  • 7. Towards the production of salt-tolerant crops; B.J. Barkla, et al.
  • 8. Combinatorial chemistry and its applications in agriculture and food; D.W.S. Wong, G.H. Robertson.
  • 9. Biological nitrogen fixation and future challenges of agriculture: The endophytic connection; F. Sanchez, et al.
  • 10. Molecular strategies to improve the nutritional quality of legume proteins; B.O. deLumen, et al.
  • 11. Molecular farming of industrial proteins from transgenic maize; G.E. Hood, et al.
  • 12. Improvements in human health through production of human milk proteins in transgenic food plants; T. Arakawa, et al.
  • 13. Plant-derived cholera toxin B subunit for vaccination and immunotolerization; T. Arakawa, et al.
  • 14. Autoantigens produced in plants for oral tolerance therapy of automimmune disesases; S. Ma, A.M. Jevnikar.
  • 15. Production of food related colorants by culture plant cells. The case of betalains; A. Jimenez-Aparicio, G. Gutierrez-Lopez.
  • 16. Production or recombinant blood factors in transgenic plants; M. Theisen.
  • 17. Recent progress in biotechnology of Mexican medicinal plants; M.L. Villarreal, et al.
  • 18. Chemicals from roots, hairy roots and their application; B. Canto-Canché, V.M. Loyola-Vargas.
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