Whole-Grain Foods in Health and Disease

Edited by L Marquart, J L Slavin and R G Fulcher 
AACC  2002  

Hardcover  382pp, 64 tables, 47 B+W illus  ISBN 1891127292      £150.00

Whole-Grain Foods in Health and Disease provides a broad-based foundation of knowledge about whole grains, including the latest information on health benefits and disease prevention resulting from consumption of whole grains, as well as information on consumer knowledge, attitudes, and behvious towrd whole-grain foods. It is the first book of its kind to provide a comprehensive review of current whole-grain science and technology, regulatory/ policy issues, dietray intake, consumer interest and health promotion. This reference includes the most recent information on whole grain constituents, including ditary fiber, resistant starch, oligosaccharides, vitamins, trace minerals, phenolic compounds, phytate, phytoestrogens, plant stanols and sterols. The book also addresses the role of industry in creating and promoting great tasting whole-grain products.

Scientists, nutritionists, dietitians, diabetic educators, and professionals in the food industry will gain insight into the health promoting benefits of whole-grain foods. Food scientists and technologists will find this reference valuable for developing new whole-grain products and enhancing the taste, quality, and health profile of whole-grain foods.


Foreword by D. Kritchevsky and F. Clydesdale
Whole Grains, Whole Wheat, and White Flours in History G. A. Spiller
Whole-Grain Structure and Organization: Implications for Nutritionists and Processors, R. G. Fulcher and T. K. Rooney Duke
Fractionation of Wheat and Barley, M. S. Izydorczyk, S. J. Symons, and J. E. Dexter
Whole-Grain Oats and Oat Products, F. H. Webster
Whole-Wheat Products-An Overview, W. A. Atwell
Processing and Quality of Whole-Wheat Pasta, F. A. Manthey
Dietary Carbohydrates, Whole Grains, and the Risk of Type Diabetes Mellitus, S. Liu
Whole-Grains Intake and Risk for Coronary Heart Disease, J. W. Anderson
Cereal-Grain Foods, Fibers, and Cancer Prevention, G. H. McIntosh and D. R. Jacobs
Whole Grain Consumption and Body Weight Regulation, M. A. Pereira
Whole-Grain Micronutrients, G. Miller, A. Prakash, and E. Decker
Whole Grains, Phytoestrogens, and Health, K. Poutanen, K. Liukkonen, and H. Adlercreutz
Effects of Grains on Glucose and Insulin Responses, K. M. Behall and J. Hallfrisch
Whole Grains, Dietary Fiber, and Resistant Starch, J. L. Slavin
Dietary Intake of Whole Grains: A Challenge for Consumers, L. S. Kantor, J. N. Variyam, J. E. Allshouse, J. J. Putnam, and B.-H. Lin
Whole-Grains Health Claims: Supporting Scientific Evidence and the FDA Modernization Act Process, K. L. Wiemer
The Consumer and Whole Grains, J. F. Adams, P. Griffiths,and M. Reicks
Taking Action to Move Forward with the Message About Whole Grains, Julie Miller Jones, Marla Reicks, Gary Fulcher, Len Marquart, Judith F. Adams, Glen Weaver, and Mitch Kanter
Future Issues and Directions for Whole Grains and Health: The Next Years, L. Marquart, J. L. Slavin, and R. G. Fulcher
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