New Technologies for Energy Efficiency

M F Hordeski 
Marcel Dekker  2002  

Hardcover  376 pp  ISBN 9780824709365      £76.00
This book examines the full scope of technologies available to address the electricity supply crisis. The author details the tools and technologies available for incorporating smaller, clean, more efficient energy into energy management plans. He examines the role of new technologies in reducing operating costs and developing more innovative and practical approaches to energy management. Topics include implementation of alternative energy programs, management of power quality, cost-effective power generation solutions, cost-effective energy services, information monitoring and diagnostic systems, energy storage options, integration of lighting and cooling systems, and more.


  • Energy Demand, Sources & Rate Trends
  • Energy Sources: Heat Pumps, Solar Energy & Wind Power
  • Integration of Cooling, Heating & Power Systems
  • Power Quality, Loads & Harmonics
  • Fuel Cell Power
  • Modular Power Generation: Turbines, Gasification, Combined Cycle Generation
  • Lighting Upgrqades
  • Computer Technology
  • Index
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