Handbook of Postharvest Technology - Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, Teas and Spices

Edited by A Chakraverty, A S Mujumdar, V Raghavan and H S Ramaswamy 
CRC Press  2003  

Hardback  912pp, illustrated  ISBN 9780824705145      £171.00
Presents the latest methods in the manufacture and supply of grains, fruits, vegetables and spices. Details the physiology, structure, composition, and charcateristics of grains and crops, as well as recent cooling and preservation techniques to maintain quality and decrease spoilage and withering of agricultural products.


  • Properties, grades, harvesting and threshing: structure and composition; physical and thermal properties; grading.
  • Drying: grain drying - fundamentals; grain drying systems; commercial grain drier.
  • Storage and handling: grain storage - perspectives and problems; structural considerations - warehouse and silo; controlled/modified atmosphere storage.
  • Milling: wheat milling; milling of corn, oat and barley; rice milling and processing.
  • Postharvest technology of fruits and vegetables: postharvest physiology; maturity and quality grades; cooling and storage.
  • Pastharvest technology of coffee, tea and cocoa: coffee; tea; cocoa.
  • Miscellaneous: conversion and utilization of biomass; utilization of by-products from fruits and vegetables; control systems in agricultural applications.
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