2002 BCPC Conference - Pests & Diseases

BCPC  November 2002  

2 volumes - softcover  1042pp  ISBN 1901396622 ISSN 09951506      £85.00

The annual BCPC Conference held in Brighton, is a leading international event for all those involved in the world-wide crop protection industry.

In 2002, the conference focussed on pests and diseases looking at new compounds and various management strategies. The following complementary themes ran throughout the event:

  • New chemical advances - including compounds and developments in formulation and application technology.
  • Food supply & safety - a theme addressed in the Monday symposium, the Bawden Memorial lecture and throughtout the conference.
  • Practical approaches and advances - in a wide variety of crops including organic crops, biological control and the potential role of transgenic crops.
  • New technology - including plant pathogenic inoculum and neonicotinoid insecticides.
  • Environmental issues - covering biodiversity, ICM in field vegetables and the fate of pesticides in the environment.
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