The Mycota Volume XI - Agricultural Applications

Edited by Kempken, F. 
Springer  2002  

Hardcover  388 pp, 44 figs, 2 in color, 29 tabs  ISBN 9783540426288      £233.00

In this volume the relevance of fungi for agriculture is discussed in four sections. The first one 'Food and Fodder Production' concerns the application and potential of mushrooms, straw enrichment, and food or crop spoilage. The next section 'Mycotoxins and Detoxification' deals with the biosynthesis of mycotoxins and the use of fungi in organopollutant degradation. A large section entitled 'Disease Control, Diagnostic, and Management' covers various aspects of biological control (fungi, insects, and weeds), diagnostics with emphasis on the example of Magnaporthe grisea, and disease management with focus on the important fungal pathogens Phoma, Fusarium, rusts and powdery mildew. The last section 'Update on Host-Parasite Interactions' discusses signal transduction, avirulence determinants, phytotoxins, cell wall degradation, and the coevolution of pathogenic fungi and grass hosts.

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