Ecosystems - Balancing Science with Management

Edited by Vogt, K., Patel-Weynand, T., Witten, E., Gordon, J., Wargo, J., Vogt, D., Asbjornsen, H., Palmiotto, P. A., Clark, H. J., O'Hara, J. L., Keaton, W. S. 
Springer  1997  

Hardcover  470 pp  ISBN 9780387948133      £76.00

Softcover  470 pp  ISBN 9780387947525      £44.00
Ecosystem management has gained widespread visibility as an approach to the management of land to achieve sustainable natural resource use. Despite widespread interest in this emerging management paradigm, Ecosystems: Balancing Science with Management is the first book to directly propose approaches for implementing ecosystem management, give examples of viable tools, and discuss the potential implications of implementing an ecosystem approach. These ideas are framed in a historical context that examines the disjunction between ecological theory, environmental legislation and natural resources management.

Contents: Ecosystem Concept: Historical and Present Review of Definitions and Development of Ecosystem Ecology, Ecosystem Management and Its Legal Framework.- Tools and Knowledge Base Presently Available to Do Ecosystem Management and to Assess Its Success.- Detecting Resistance and Resilience of Ecosystems.- Case Studies: Degrees of Ecosystem Management.- Science and Management of Ecosystems Synthesis.

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