Walter's Vegetation of the Earth - The Ecological Systems of the Geo-Biosphere (NEW 4th Edition)

Edited by Breckle, S.-W., 
Springer  2002  

4th completely revised and enlarged ed. Softcover  527pp, 323 illus  ISBN 9783540433156      £76.00

Vegetation, soil and climate are the most important components of ecological systems. This long-awaited fourth edition of the well-established textbook by Heinrich Walter summarizes our knowledge of the earth's ecology and constitutes the basis for a deeper understanding of the larger interrelations on a global scale.

While Walter's general concept remains unchanged, the individual chapters have been completely revised, enlarged and updated. The author's intimate knowledge of practically all classes of plants and climatic zones allows him to describe the various ecological systems in close detail. This richly illustrated textbook is a must for every student in the plant sciences.

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