Global Plant Genetic Resources for Insect-Resistant Crops

Edited by Stephen L Clement and Sharron S Quisenberry 
CRC Press  1998  

Hardback  320 pages  ISBN 9780849326950      £121.00
This book covers the conservation and use of global plant genetic resources for sustainable agricultural production. It explores plant biodiversity, its preservation, and its use to develop crops resistant to pests and hence the potential to reduce (world-wide) the need to use chemical pesticides. It concludes that to achieve this requires close, effective, and long-term collaboration among different players, including germplasm curators, plant breeders, molecular biologists, entomologists, ecologists, and social scientists.


  • Foreword, Masa Iwanaga
Cereal Crops
  • Germplasm Evaluation and Utilization for Insect Resistance in Rice, Elvis A. Heinrichs and Sharron S. Quisenberry
  • The Value of Conserved Wheat Germplasm Evaluated for Arthropod Resistance, C. Michael Smith, Sharron S. Quisenberry, and Francois du Toit
  • Insect Resistance in Barley Germplasm, David R. Porter, Dolores W. Mornhinweg, and James A. Webster
  • Genetic Diversity of Sorghum: A Source of Insect-Resistant Germplasm, George L. Teetes, Gary C. Peterson, Kanayo F. Nwanze, and Bonnie B. Pendleton
Legume Crops
  • Bean Germplasm Resources for Insect Resistance, Cesar Cardona and Julia Kornegay
  • Assessment of Soybean Germplasm for Multiple Insect Resistance, David J. Boethel
  • Germplasm Resources, Insect Resistance, and Grain Legume Improvement, Stephen L. Clement, Massimo Cristofaro, Susan E. Cowgill, and Susanne Weigand.
  • Alfalfa Germplasm Resources and Insect Resistance, George R. Manglitz and Edgar L. Sorensen
Vegetable Crops
  • Vegetable Crops: Search for Arthropod Resistance in Genetic Resources, James D. Barbour
Root and Tuber Crops
  • Utilization of Sweetpotato Genetic Resources to Develop Insect Resistance, Wanda W. Collins ,
  • Edward E. Carey, Il-Gin Mok, Paul Thompson, and Zhang Da Peng
  • The Potato: Genetic Resources and Insect Resistance, Kathy L. Flanders, Silvia Arnone, and Edward B. Radcliffe
Basic Research and Biotechnology
  • Plant Genetic Resources for the Study of Insect-Plant Interactions, Sanford D. Eigenbrode and Stephen L. Clement
  • Biotechnological Applications of Plant Genes in the Production of Insect Resistant Crops, Angharad M.R. Gatehouse

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