Handbook of Food Toxicology

Marcel Dekker  2002  

Hardcover  920pp, illus  ISBN 9780824707606      £190.00
  • Explores the effect of manufacturing, pesticide, and drug residues on the tissues, organs, and biological processes of the human body
  • Discusses the origins, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases caused by food-related microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria
  • Includes coverage of biological and industrial contaminants in the air, water, and soil
  • Provides discussions of possible environmental factors contributing to cancer, gene mutations, and birth defects From health and economic consequences to exposure assessment and detoxification, this reference comprehensively covers the formation, characteristics, and control of various toxins that occur in the production, storage, handling, and preparation of food. The author discusses toxin sources, mechanisms, routes of exposure and absorption, and their chemical and biochemical components to prevent contamination of food products and reduce epidemics of foodborne disease. The book contains more than 3000 references to facilitate further research, as well as recent guidelines from the FDA and World Health Organization regarding food hygiene and safety.
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