Way Out of the Woods - Learning How to Manage Trees and Forests

Edited by Paul Van Mele 
CPL Press  2003  

Softcover  144pp, 33 colour photos on 8 plates  ISBN 9781872691671      £40.00

Produced on behalf of CABI Bioscience, a Division of CAB International

Way Out of the Woods is an accopunt of how the success of forestry and agroforestry projects in three countries (Nepal, Kenya and Bolivia) depends on understanding biological, social and cultural diversity and applying this knowledge to meet the needs of rural people.

The solutions to sustainable management lie in using local and scientific knowledge. This knowledge illuminates the path out of darkness, the metaphorical place deep in the woods, where the ability to see forward and beyond the tress is restricted.

Eric Boa, CABI Bioscience



Introduction: Local Knowledge, Forestry and Biological and Cultural Diversity

Learning to Manage and Market Chiuri Products in Central Nepal

Participatory Research on Agroforestry in Western Kenya

Learning about Trees in Quechua-Speaking Andean Community in Bolivia

Promising Practices for Knowledge Generation on Tree and Forest Management

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