Dynamic Modeling for Marine Conservation

Springer  2002  

Hardcocer (with CD-ROM)  449pp, 212 figs  ISBN 9780387953175      £67.00

Includes free CD-ROM on Dynamic Modelling Systems

The effects of disturbed ecosystems, from devastating algal blooms to the loss of whale populations, have demonstrated the vulnerability of the oceans' biodiversity. Conservation of marine systems requires knowledge from many different fields in order to understand the complex interactions that threaten those systems. Dynamic Modeling for Marine Conservation provides a method of learning how these systems function, determining how natural and human actions have put them in peril and how we can best influence the marine world in order to maintain biodiversity.

Contents: Part I: Concepts and Techniques.- Introduction.- Modeling in STELLA.- Predator-Prey Dynamics.- Epidemic in the Marine System.- Impacts of Fishing Pressure on Mean Length of Fish.- Spatial Fisheries Model; Part II: Applications.- Modeling Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions and Primary Productivity.- Impact of Dynamic Light and Nutrient Environments on Phytoplankton Communities in the Coastal Ocean.- Eelgrass Dynamics.- Life-stage Based Recovery Dynamics of Marine Invertebrates in Soft-sediment Habitats.- Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds.- Kelp, Urchins and Otters in the California Region.- Nile Perch Population Dynamics in Lake Victoria: Implications for Management and Conservation.- Dynamics of Multiple Fish Species under Variable Levels of Exploitation.- Fish Population Responses to Seafloor Habitat Alteration: Implications for the Design of Marine Protected Areas.- Management of the Commons: Social Behavior and Resource Extraction.- Cod Aquaculture.- The Global Shrimp Market.

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