Membranes for Industrial Wastewater Recovery and Re-use

S Judd 
Elsevier  2002  

Hardback  256pp  ISBN 9781856173896      £130.00

The use of membrane technology in the cleaning of industrial water

  • The first book devoted specifically to membrane technology in the cleaning of industrial wastewater
  • An increasingly important topic for industry
  • Produced by an internationally known department at Cranfield University, UK, acknowledged as experts in the field

    A comprehensive account of the use of membrane technology in the cleaning of industrial water, cobering principles, mechanisms, applications and case histories from important industrial users.

    Industry uses vast amounts of water, much of which is discarded after use. Industry is increasingly being required to recycle and re-use the water used during manufacturing processes. Membrane systems are essential to thi srecycling process and this book underlines the principles underpinning membrane processes, the nature of industrial effluents on a sector-by-sector basis and the current state of the art of membrane-based industrial wastewater recovery and re-use world-wide.
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    Elsevier : Spring 2002 : environmental impact : environmental protection : environmental science : process engineering : separation : water science

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