Engineering the Risks of Hazardous Wastes

Daniel Vallero 
Butterworth Heinemann  November 2002  

Hardback  240pp  ISBN 9780750677424      £71.00

The risks associated with hazardous waste management must constantly be measured and monitored and this book blends theoretical explanations, techniques and case studies to provide valuable practical knowledge

  • Provides key risk concepts to make for a highly readable and informative explanation of environmental science and engineering
  • An invaluable resource for others who have a keen interest in hazardous wastes and the risks they pose
  • Includes concise definitions and explanations of key environmental concepts

Many engineers, from the chemical and process industries, waste treatment system management and design to the clean-up of contaminated sites, are engaged in careers that address hazardous wastes. However, no single book is availabel that explains how to manage the risks of those wastes. At best it is dealt with in diverse sections of books on the general field of environmental engineering and in various treatments of the subject of risk, statistics and hazard assessment.

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