West Africa Regional Cocoa IPM Workshop - Proceedings

Edited by Janny Vos and Peter Neuenschwander 
CPL Press  2002  

Softback  204pp, in French and English  ISBN 1872691625      £35.00

Bilingual (French and English) proceedings of a workshop held in Cotonou, Benin November 13-15, 2001 produced on behalf of CABI Bioscience

This important IPM workshop involved participants from Benin, Cameroun, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea Conakry and Nigeria, as well as representatives of CABI Bioscience, the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) and ITA Benin.

The proceedings provide a wealth of 'real world' experience on the sustainable development of crops in West Africa , and provide valuable feedback on the effectiveness of natural predators and Integrated Pest Management techniques to reduce disease and increase productivity while protecting the environment.


Opening address: West Africa Regional Cocoa IPM Workshop
Keynote addresses
Sustainable Tree Crops Programme: From strategy to results
BCCCA Cocoa research programme
Cocoa IPM activities in the DFID Crop Protection Programme
Biological control of pests and diseases of tropical tree crops with specific reference to cocoa and coffee
Farmer participatory approaches towards cocoa IPM implementation
Cocoa IPM research and implementation: country presentations
The state of cocoa cultivation in Benin
Integrated management of cocoa mirids in Cameroon
Integrated management of cocoa Phytophthora pod rot disease in Cameroon
Cocoa IPM research and implementation in Côte d'Ivoire
Cocoa IPM research and implementation in Ghana
Integrated Pest Management on Cocoa in Guinea Conakry
Cocoa IPM research and implementation in Nigeria

Regional workshop sessions on cocoa IPM research
Workshop process
Black pod regional workshop results
Mirid regional workshop results
Stem borer regional workshop results

National workshop sessions on cocoa IPM implementation
Workshop process
Nigeria working group
Guinea Conakry working group
Ghana working group
Côte d'Ivoire working group
Cameroon working group
Benin working group
Proposal for regional follow-up cocoa IPM research
Summary of on-going and potential regional cocoa IPM research and implementation
Discussion of follow-up on the regional proposal
Cocoa statistics (1996 - 2001)

Workshop programme
List of workshop participants
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