Environmental Policy in the European Union: Actors, Institutions and Processes (Second edition)

Edited by Andrew Jordan 
Earthscan  2005  

Hardbcak  384pp  ISBN 9781844071579      £90.00

Softcover  384pp  ISBN 9781844071586      £35.00
This book is now available in a second, fully revised edition, presented in five comprehensive parts:

Part 1 The Historical and Institutional Context
Part 2 Actors
Part 3 Policy dynamics
Part 4 Making environmental policy
Part 5 Future challenges

The following text, applied to the first edition gives further information

The European Union (EU) dominates the way in which environmental policy is thought about, developed and implemented throughout Western Europe. The policies of the Member States and the EU are now so deeply intertwined as to be politically and legally inseparable. And with some of the most progressive environmental policies of any international organization, the EU also serves as an influential guide and benchmark for policy developed elsewhere in the world.

Environmental Policy in the EU brings together some of the most influential work on the theory and practice of contemporary EU environmental policy. In five comprehensive parts it covers: the historical and institutional context; the main actors and their objectives; dominant theories and dynamics of policy making in the EU; in-depth case studies of how environmental policy is actually made in the EU; and an assessment of the challenges raised by the transition to sustainability.

A central concern of this book is to look forward and ask whether the EU is prepared or even able to respond to a new political agenda encompassing sustainable development, Eastern enlargement and environmental policy integration. The contributions by leading academics, commentators and practitioners brought together in this book provide a highly useful reference and resource for all those involved in or studying environmental politics and policy, not just in the EU, but worldwide.

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