World Directory of Environmental Organizations

Edited by Ted Trzyna 
Earthscan  2001  

Paperback  272pp  ISBN 9781853837944      £95.00

A Handbook of National and International Organizations and Programs - Governmental and Non-Governmental - Concerned with Protecting the Earth's Resources

Published in association with International Center for the Environment and Public Policy, and California Institute of Public Affairs Endorsed by IUCN - The World Conservation Union

This is the only comprehensive guide to organizations in all parts of the world concerned with the urgent problems of the environment and natural resources.

The sixth edition is completely revised; it describes 2,500 organizations in over 200 countries. Included are an index and a User's Guide to Who's Doing What in 55 fields.

The World Directory of Environmental Organizations is a project initiated and endorsed by the Sierra Club.


Part 1 Introduction

How to Use This Book
Glossary, Acronyms, Initialisms
The World Directory and the World Wide Web
Some Landmark Events

Part 2 Who's Doing What: Problems, Resources, and Biomes

Broad Concerns
Agriculture and Environmental Protection
Air Quality
Appropriate Technology
Arid Lands
Business and the Environment
Climate and Global Environmental Change
Communications Media
Conflict and the Environment
Cultural Heritage
Development and the Environment
Economic Aspects
Education and Training
Energy, Geology, and Mining
Fish and Fisheries
Forests and Forestry
Future Studies
Hazardous Materials
Health and the Environment
Human Settlements
Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Lakes, Rivers, and Waterways
Landscape Architecture
Land Use
Law and Legal Action
Natural Areas, Parks, and Wilderness
Nuclear Energy and Radiation
Occupational Safety and Health
Oceans, Coastal Zones, and Islands
Pest Management
Polar Zones
Politics and Policy Process
Population and Growth Management
Religion, the Humanities and Environmental Protection
Social Science and Psychology
Solid Waste and Resource Recovery
Specialized Support Services
Tourism Impacts
Transportation and Environmental Protection
Tropical Ecosystems
Women and the Environment
Youth and the Environment

Part 3 The World Regions: An Overview

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
East and South Asia
Indian Ocean
Latin America and the Caribbean
North America
Pacific Ocean
West and Central Asia

Part 4 The United Nations System

The United Nations
Specialized Agencies of the United Nations
Other Organizations

Part 5 Other Intergovernmental Organizations

Part 6 International Non-Governmental Organizations

Part 7 Country and Area Listings

Index: Countries; International and Selected National Organizations

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