Global Warming and Social Innovation: The Challenge of a Climate-Neutral Society

Edited by David de Jager, Andre Faaij, Marcel Kok and Walter Vermeulen 
Earthscan  2002  

Hardback  300pp  ISBN 9781853839443      £90.00

Softcover  300pp  ISBN 9781853839450      £33.00
Western societies may need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 80 per cent in order to counter the risks of climate change. This book envisions a climate-neutral society - one where the output of greenhouse gases is minimized by social innovations set up in households, by local authorities, through developments in information and communications technologies and dematerialization, and through the shift towards product service systems and emissions trading. The book discusses the possibilities for steering and orchestrating this long term transition towards a climate-friendly society, mapping paths through current dilemmas in climate policy and exploring issues of making this transition.


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1. Towards a climate-neutral society
Marcel Kok, Walter Vermeulen, André Faaij and David de Jager

2. Transforming the energy system of The Netherlands: Two visions on reaching 80 per cent emissions reduction by 2050
André Faaij

3. Contemporary practices: greenhouse scepticism?
Walter Vermeulen and Marcel Kok

4. Technological change and innovation for climate protection: the governance challenge
Maarten Arentsen, René Kemp and Esther Luiten

5. Households past and present, and opportunities for change
Henk Moll and Ans Groot-Marcus

6. The role of local authorities in a transition towards a climate-neutral society
Frans Coenen and Marijke Menkveld

7. Improved material management as trend-breaking technology for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Marko Hekkert, Peter Groenewegen, Tom Kram, Robbert van Duin and Paulien de Jong

8. The contribution of ICT to the transition towards a climateneutral society
Adriaan Slob and Mark van Lieshout

9. Economy versus environment? Design alternatives for emissions trading from a lock-in perspective
Edwin Woerdman, Jan-Tjeerd Boom and Andries Nentjes

10. Legal aspects of a changing energy system in The Netherlands in 2050
Henk Addink

11. Climate OptiOns for the Long term (COOL): Stakeholders?views on 80 per cent emission reduction
Matthijs Hisschemöller, Marleen van de Kerkhof, Marcel Kok and Rob Folkert

12. The climate-neutral society: opportunities for change
Walter Vermeulen, André Faaij, David de Jager and Marcel Kok

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