Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Prospects for Developing Countries

Edited by Anil Markandya and Kirsten Halsnaes 
Earthscan  2002  

Hardback  272pp  ISBN 9781853839115      £85.00

Softcover  272pp  ISBN 9781853839108      £28.00
Policies pursued by developing countries will be crucial in determining what happens to the Earth's climate. Many are industrializing rapidly and could have an impact at least as significant as that of the already industrialized economies. In the pursuit of a common platform for worldwide climate change mitigation, a global agreement, involving fair burden sharing and international collaboration, is essential. Yet this is only possible through joint sustainable development and climate change policies.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development develops a pragmatic framework for evaluating the climate change options faced by any developing country, including case studies from Africa and Asia, depending on their individual circumstances. It assesses present evaluation methods, suggesting ways in which these might be improved, and proposes ways in which social and developmental aspects can be more fully taken into account. It makes a substantial contribution to the practical, effecive analysis of climate change mitigation options in developing countries.

This book will be invaluable to the professionals, governments, international organizations and environmental groups working on climate change issues, and to researchers, academics and students in economics, environmental and development studies and international affairs.


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  1. Climate Change and Sustainable Development: An Overview
    Anil Markandya and Kirsten Halsnaes
  2. A Conceptual Framework for Analysing Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development
    Anil Markandya, Kirsten Halsnaes, Pamela Mason and Anne Olhoff
  3. A Review of the Literature on Climate Change and Sustainable Development
    Kirsten Halsnaes
  4. Assessing Social Capital Aspects of Climate Change Projects
    Anne Olhoff
  5. Analytical Approaches for Decision-making, Sustainable Development and Greenhouse Gas Emission-reduction Policies
    Kirsten Halsnaes and Anil Markandya
  6. Sustainability in Climate Mitigation: Integrating Equity into Project Analysis
    Tim Taylor
  7. Case Studies for Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mauritius and Thailand
    Kirsten Halsnaes, Anil Markandya and Tim Taylor
  8. The CDM and Sustainable Development: Case Studies from Brazil and India
    Ronaldo Ser˘a da Motta, Leena Srivastava and Anil Markandya

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