Selling Forest Environmental Services: Market-based Mechanisms for Conservation and Development

Edited by Stefano Pagiola, Joshua Bishop and Natasha Landell-Mills 
Earthscan  2002  

Hardback  336pp  ISBN 9781853838897      £95.00
Published with IIED, the World Bank and WWF

This volume outlines a wide-ranging sample of cases in which ecosystem services are finding real markets and real revenue flows€ from Brazil to India, and Australia to the United States. The success stories laid out here point to strategic directions that will carry us to a future that brings ecological, economic, and social approaches together and maintain forests in the landscape

From the Foreword by MICHAEL JENKINS, Executive Director, Forest Trends

Forest destruction throughout the world poses significant risks. Not only are forests a source of valuable timber and non-timber products, but they also provide important environmental services that help sustain life on Earth. However, only rarely do beneficiaries pay for the services they receive, resulting in low incentives to conserve forests, and limiting opportunities for rural development.

Market-based approaches are thought to offer considerable potential as incentives for forest conservation and as new sources of income for rural communities. Based on extensive research and case studies on markets for a wide range of forest environmental services - including biodiversity conservation, watershed protection and carbon sequestration . Selling Forest Environmental Services demonstrates how payment systems can be established, their effectiveness in securing forest environmental benefits, and their role in efforts to eliminate rural poverty.

This state-of-the-art review will be vital for decision-makers and professionals as well as for researchers, teachers, and students of environmental economics and forestry.


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  1. Market-based Mechanisms for Forest Conservation and Development
    Stefano Pagiola, Natasha Landell-Mills, and Joshua Bishop
  2. Forest Environmental Services: An Overview
    Joshua Bishop and Natasha Landell-Mills
  3. Paying for Water Services in Central America: Learning from Costa Rica
    Stefano Pagiola
  4. Sharing the Benefits of Watershed Management in Sukhomajri, India
    John Kerr
  5. Paying to Protect Watershed Services: Wetland Banking in the United States
    J Salzman and J B Ruhl
  6. Financing Watershed Conservation: The FONAG Water Fund in Quito, Ecuador
    Marta Echavarria
  7. Selling Biodiversity in a Coffee Cup: Shade-grown Coffee and Conservation in Mesoamerica
    Stefano Pagiola and Ina-Marlene Ruthenberg
  8. Conserving Land Privately: Spontaneous Markets for Land Conservation in Chile
    Elisa Corcuera, Claudia Sepúlveda, and Guillermo Geisse
  9. Linking Biodiversity Prospecting and Forest Conservation
    Sarah A Laird and Kerry ten Kate
  10. Using Fiscal Instruments to Encourage Conservation: Municipal Responses to the €Ecological€ Value-added Tax in Paraná and Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Peter H May, Fernando Veiga Neto, Valdir Denardin, and Wilson Loureiro
  11. Developing a Market for Forest Carbon in British Columbia
    Gary Bull, Zoe Harkin, and Ann Wong
  12. Helping Indigenous Farmers to Participate in the International Market for Carbon Services: The Case of Scolel Té
    Richard Tipper
  13. Investing in the Environmental Services of Australian Forests
    David Brand
  14. Insuring Forest Sinks
    Phil Cottle and Charles Crosthwaite-Eyre
  15. Making Market-based Mechanisms Work for Forests and People
    Stefano Pagiola, Natasha Landell-Mills, and Joshua Bishop

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