The Earthscan Reader on NGO Management

Edited by Michael Edwards and Alan Fowler 
Earthscan  2002  

Paperback  478 pages  ISBN 9781853838484      £30.00
Effective management requires the articulation of a clear and common vision for the organization and a set of strategies to achieve it; the mobilization of all necessary human, financial and intellectual resources, and external contacts and connections are required to operate these strategies effectively; and the continuous readjustment of strategy and structure in a changing context, implying an intimate relationship between organizational processes and a dynamic internal and external environment.' From the Introduction In the last ten years, NGOs have become a force for transformation in global politics and economics. Their numbers and size have grown dramatically and they have assumed far more extensive responsibilities as intermediaries between governments, businesses and other institutions, and local communities and citizens. With this growth has come an ever-more pressing requirement for effective management of their own operations.

Focussing on development organizations working on issues of poverty and injustice, but relevant to NGOs in all sectors, this volume brings together crucial writings on how NGOs can deliberately position and organize themselves to achieve maximum impact and effectiveness in their work. The editors set out the challenges facing NGOs in a stimulating introduction and the contributions are divided into ten sections on:

I Visions, Values and Roles • II Strategy, Scaling-up and Advocacy • III Developing the Organization: Managing Growth, Change and Structure • IV Strengthening Governance and Accountability • V Organizing for Good Development Practice: Participation, Empowerment, Partnering and Capacity-building • VI Measuring Achievement: Approaches and Methods • VII Becoming a Learning Organization • VIII Mobilizing Resources and Sustaining the Organization • IX Dealing with Gender • Human Resources: Their Management, Development and Leadership

It will provide an invaluable resource for NGOs at all stages of their own development and in all fields.


Introduction: Changing Challenges for NGDO Management
Michael Edwards and Alan Fowler

Part 1 Visions, Values and Roles
1 NGO Futures - Beyond Aid: NGDO Values and the Fourth Position
Alan Fowler
2 International Development NGOs: Agents of Foreign Aid or Vehicles for International Cooperation?
Michael Edwards
3 NGOs, Social Change and the Transformation of Human Relationships: A 21st-century Civic Agenda
Michael Edwards and Gita Sen

Part 2 Strategy, Scaling-up and Advocacy
4 Making a Difference: Scaling-up the Developmental Impact of NGOs - Concepts and Experiences
Michael Edwards and David Hulme
5 Organizing Non-profits for Development
Alan Fowler
6 'Does the Doormat Influence the Boot?' Critical Thoughts on UK NGOs and International Advocacy
Michael Edwards
7 Political Responsibility in Transnational NGO Advocacy
Lisa Jordan and Peter Van Tuijl

Part 3 Developing the Organization: Managing Growth, Change and Structure
8 The Evolutionary Life-cycles of Non-governmental Development Organizations
Jeffrey Avina
9 Stepping into the River of Change
Davine Thaw
10 Strategy and Structure in Managing Global Associations
Dennis R Young, Bonnie L Koenig, Adil Najam and Julie Fisher

Part 4 Strengthening Governance and Accountability
11 NGO Performance and Accountability: Introduction and Overview
Michael Edwards and David Hulme
12 Beyond the Magic Bullet? Lessons and Conclusions
Michael Edwards and David Hulme
13 'Board Games': Governance and Accountability in NGOs
Rajesh Tandon

Part 5 Organizing for Good Development Practice: Participation, Empowerment, Partnering and Capacity-building
14 Paradoxes of Participation: Questioning Participatory Approaches to Development
Frances Cleaver
15 Beyond Partnership: Getting Real about NGO Relationships in the Aid System
Alan Fowler
16 Crossing the Great Divide: Building Links and Learning Between NGOs and Community-based Organizations in the North and South
John Gaventa

Part 6 Measuring Achievement: Approaches and Methods
17 NGO Performance: What Breeds Success? New Evidence from South Asia
Michael Edwards
18 Assessing NGO Performance: Difficulties, Dilemmas and a Way Ahead
Alan Fowler
19 Social Capital, Sustainability and Working Democracy: New Yardsticks for Grassroots Development
Marion Ritchey-Vance
20 Accounting for Change: The Practice of Social Auditing
Simon Zadek and Peter Raynard

Part 7 Becoming a Learning Organization
21 Organizational Learning in Non-governmental Organizations: What Have We Learned?
Michael Edwards
22 On the Road to Becoming a Learning Organization
James Taylor
23 An NGDO Strategy: Learning for Leverage
Alan Fowler

Part 8 Mobilizing Resources and Sustaining the Organization
24 Defining Sustainability
Lisa Cannon
25 Options, Strategies and Trade-offs in Resource Mobilization
Alan Fowler

Part 9 Dealing with Gender
26 Getting Institutions Right for Women in Development
Anne Marie Goetz
27 The Role of Gender in NGDOs
Alan Fowler
28 Organizational Gender Diagnosis
Ellen Sprenger

Part 10 Human Resources: Their Management, Development and Leadership
29 Leadership and Management
Allan Kaplan
30 Human Resource Management
Alan Fowler


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