Handbook of Food Enzymology

Edited by John R Whitaker, Alphons G J Voragen, Dominic S W Wong 
Marcel Dekker  2002  

Hardcover  1128pp  ISBN 9780824706869      £204.00

Series:Food Science and Technology - Volume 122

Discusses current methods of enzyme purification, characterization, isolation and identification, as well as the latest biotechnological strategies for enzyme discovery and development. Details the chemistry, behaviour, and physiochemical properties of enzymes to control, enhance or inhibit enzymatic activity for improved taste, texture, appearance, shelf-life, nutritional value, and process tolerance of foods and food products.

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Autumn 2002 : Marcel Dekker : biochemistry : biotechnology : enzymology : food & beverage products : food ingredients : food safety : food science : nutrition, human

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