Food Plant Sanitation

Edited by Y H Hui, Bernard L Bruinsma, J Richard Gorham, Wai-Kit Nip, Phillip S Tong and Phil Ventresca 
Marcel Decker  2002  

Hardcover  752pp, illus  ISBN 9780824707934      £171.00
Focusing on the regulations and concepts related to food plant sanitation, this reference covers the fundamental and practical aspects of sanitation in food production. It features effective sanitation practices vital to the cereal, seafood, beverage, fruit, grain, fats and oils, and poultry processing industries. Written by 40 of the most respected industry experts, the book covers food plant sanitation principles, the spread of bacterial and viral foodborne diseases, and the risks from protozoa and nematodes in food production, and self-inspection program design and development. The entire FDA Handbook of Food Defect Action Levels is reproduced in an appendix.

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Autumn 2002 : Marcel Dekker : baking : biotechnology : dairy products : fisheries science : food & beverage products : food safety : food science : fruit

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