Botanicals: A Phytocosmetic Desk Reference

Frank S D'Amelio, Sr. 
CRC Press  December 1998  

Hardback  376 pages  ISBN 9780849321184      £133.00
Botanicals have become widely used in many beauty products and for the purpose of aromatherapy. Phytochemistry-the chemistry of plants, plant processes, and plant products-is of great interest to those involved with both the medicinal and cosmetic properties of botanicals. Botanicals: A Phytocosmetic Desk Reference is the first reference to approach this popularly treated topic from a scientific point of view. It offers a clear, organised approach to plant constituents, properties, and cosmetic applications and covers the most common folklore concerning the use of botanicals. By providing an overview of the most important botanicals in use today, this reference will be of great use to phytochemists, cosmetic chemists, herbalists, and aromatherapists.


Herbs-Folkloric Use and Constituents
Forms of Extracts
Plant Identification
Some Common Terminology
Infrared Spectroscopy
Gas Liquid Chromatography
Botanical Quick Reference Chart
Percolation Process
General Method for Extracting Botanical Constituents
Some Extraction Terminology
UV and Visible Spectroscopy of Botanicals
UV and Visible Absorption Maxima of Some Common Compound Groups
Mucilaginous Plants
A Brief Summary of the Properties of Essential Oils for Use in Aromatherapy
Botanical Extract Strengths
Thin Layer Chromatography
A Brief List of TLC Developing Solvent Systems
Methods of Identification
Adulteration of Drugs
Diagnostic Structures of Different Drug Groups
Microscopical Linear Measurements
Hair Care Botanicals
Oriental Herbs Used in Cosmetics
Indian Herbs
Marine Natural Products

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