Handbook of Air Pollution Prevention and Control

Nicholas P Cheremisinoff 
Butterworth Heinmann  2002  

Hardback  552pp, 25 photos, 42 illus  ISBN 9780750674997      £95.00

This book uniquely combines prevention and control concepts while covering the practices and technologies that are applied to the prvention of air pollution in the chemicals, manufacturing, oil and gas, iron and steel, and pharmaceutical industries and to the cleaning and control of industrial air emissions.

Shows how to calculate financial returns from pollution prevention projects and is linked to free downloadable SCREEN3 air dispersion software to evaluate the impact of pollutants on the environment and populated areas.

This concise overvview of the latest technologies for managaing industrial air pollution contains detailed material on equipment selection, sizing and troubleshooting operations, along with practical design methodology. Unique to this volume are discussions and information on energy-efficient technologies and approaches to implementing environmental cost accounting measures.

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