Advanced Ecological Theory

Edited by Jacqueline McGlade, NERC 
Blackwell Publishing  1999  

Paperback  368pp, Illus  ISBN 9780865427341      £75.00
Advanced Ecological Theory Advanced Ecological Theory is intended for both postgraduate students and professional researchers in ecology. It provides an overview of current advances in the field as well as closely related areas in evolution, ecological economics, and natural-resource management, familiarizing the reader with the mathematical, computational and statistical approaches used in these different areas. The book has an exciting set of diverse contributions written by leading authorities.


  • Individual-based models in Ecology: J M McGlade
  • Stochastic effects in population models: E Renshaw
  • Spatial models of interacting populations: M Keeling
  • Correlation equations and pair approximations for spatial ecologies: D A Rand
  • Theoretical aspects of community assembly: R Law
  • The dynamics of the flows of matter and energy: S L Pimm
  • Population and evolutionary dynamics of consumer-resource systems: W M Getz
  • Understanding the ecological and evolutionary reasons for life history variation: mammals as a case study: P H Harvey and A Purvis
  • Species diversity: M L Rosenweig
  • Ecological economics: E J Milner-Gulland
  • Ecosystem analysis and the governance of natural resources: J M McGlade
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