Scientific Uncertainty and Its Implications for Environmental Problem Solving

John Lemons 
Blackwell Publishing  1996  

Paperback  512pp, illus  ISBN 9780865424760      £120.00
  • Defines the problems and implications of scientific uncertainty for the environmental profession.
  • Contains practical recommendations for how scientific uncertainty can be factored

Understanding and solving the pressing environmental problems that face us today requires application of the best scientific knowledge available. Most environmental managers currently are using books that focus on scientific methods, techniques, models and data that might be helpful. But as environmental problems become more complex, it is unclear to what extent scientific knowledge is adequate or appropriate as a basis for environmental decision-making. Because managers need to be aware that scientific results are based on probabilities rather than definitives, this book takes a case-study approach to the subject, with contributions from leading names in the field evaluating the implications of scientific uncertainty. Additionally, the contributors offer practical recommendations for how uncertainty can be factored into the environmental decision-making processes.

  • Introduction: Scientific Uncertainty And Environmental Problem-Solving
  • Methodological Rules For Four Classes Of Scientific Uncertainty
  • Uncertainties In The Disposal Of High-Level Nuclear Waste
  • Scientific Uncertainty As A Constraint To Environmental Problem-Solving: Large-Scale Ecosystems
  • Uncertainty In Managing Ecosystems Sustainably
  • Scientific Uncertainty And Environmental Policy: Four Pollution Case Studies
  • Uncertainties Associated With Extrapolating From Toxicological Responses In Laboratory Systems To The Responses Of Natural Systems
  • The Conservation Of Biodiversity: Scientific Uncertainty And The Burden Of Proof
  • Resolving Uncertainty In Marine Fisheries Management: Can We?
  • Scientific Uncertainties And Water Resources Management
  • Scientific Uncertainty And The Environmental Impact Assessment Process In The United States
  • Implications Of Scientific Uncertainty To Environmental Impact Assessment: The International Environment
  • Environmental Problem-Solving In An Age Of Electronic Communications: Towards An Integrated Or Reductionist Model?
  • The Implications Of Scientific Uncertainty To Environmental Law
  • Science Assumptions And Misplaced Certainty In Natural Resources And Environmental Problem-Solving
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