Handbook of Atmospheric Science

Edited by N Hewitt and A Jackson 
Blackwell Publishing  December 2002  

Hardback  600pp, 200 illus  ISBN 9780632052868      £250.00

This book covers

  • Chemical evolution of the atmosphere
  • Atmospheric energy
  • Biogeochemical cycles
  • Sources of air pollution
  • Tropospheric photochemistry
  • Chemistry of the stratosphere
  • Atmospheric particulate matter
  • Global air pollution problems
  • Regional and urban air poulltion issues
  • Measuring and monitoring of the atmosphere

In recent decades, there has been a growing realization that man's activities have a direct influence on the behavious of the atmosphere. Ozone depletion and, more recently, global climate change, have highlighted our need for a better understanding of how the Earth's atmosphere works, what controls its physical and chemical behaviour, and how its behaviour can be predicted. This Handbook seeks to underpin the principles of atmospheric sciences and their application to understanding and predicting the Earth's atmosphere, weather and climate, and man's pollution and modification of it.

This book will prove invaluable to scientists, policy makers and environmental practitioners, as well as advanced level students


Part I: Principles of Atmospheric Science:

  • 1. Chemical Evolution of The Atmosphere: Richard P. Wayne.
  • 2. Atmospheric Energy and The Structure of The Atmosphere: Hugh Coe And Ann R. Webb.
  • 3. The Earth's Climates: John G. Lockwood.
  • 4. Biogeochemical Cycles And Residence Times: Dudley E. Shallcross, Kuo-Ying Wang And Claudia H. Dimmer.
  • 5. Sources of Air Pollution: Andrea V. Jackson.
  • 6. Tropospheric Photochemistry: Paul S. Monks.
  • 7. Stratospheric Chemistry And Transport: A. Robert Mackenzie.
  • 8. Aqueous Phase Chemistry of The Troposphere: Peter Brimblecombe.
  • 9. Atmospheric Particulate Matter: Urs Baltensperger, Stephan Nyeki And Markus Kalberer.
  • 10. Atmospheric Dispersion and Air Pollution Meteorology: David Carruthers.
  • 11. Synoptic Scale Meterology: Douglas J. Parker.
  • 12. Atmospheric Removal Processes: Brad D. Hall.

Part II: Problems, Tools And Applications:

  • 13. Global Air Pollution Problems: Atul K. Jain And Katharine A.S. Hayhoe.
  • 14. Regional Scale Pollution Problems: Crispin J. Halsall.
  • 15. Urban Scale Air Pollution: Jes Fenger.
  • 16. Measuring and Monitoring The Atmosphere: Rod Robinson.
  • 17. Emission Inventories: David Hutchinson.
  • 18. Pollutant Dispersal Modeling: Yasmin Vawda.
  • 19. Climate Modeling: William Lahoz.
  • 20. Critical Levels and Critical Loads as A Tool For Air Quality Management: Wim De Vries And Maximilian Posch.
  • 21. The Practice of Air Quality Management: Bernard E.A. Fisher.


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