Management and Ecology of Lake & Reservoir Fisheries

Edited by I G Cowx 
Blackwell Publishing  2002  

Hardback  416pp, 175 illus  ISBN 9780852382837      £145.00
  • Contributions from around the world.
  • Carefully edited by internationally respected editor.
  • Has been generated from acclaimed HIFI Symposium.

In this comprehensive book, international experts in fisheries management and ecology, appraise the status of lake and reservoir fisheries, assessment of fisheries yield, trophic ecology, rehabilitation and conservation. Includes a special section on African lakes.


1. Stock Assessment For Management Purposes:

  • Hydroacoustic Fish Stock Assessment In Lakes In England And Wales
  • The Use Of Split Beam Echosounder For Fish Population Assessment In Fresh Water Reservoirs: Necessity Of 'Top-Down' Calibration
  • Estimation Of The Fish Yield Potential Of Lakes In North East Germany
  • The Effects Of Area And Location On Pikeperch Yields In 67 Finnish Lakes
  • Fish Stock Assessment Of Lake Schulen, Flanders: A Comparison Of 1988-1999 Ecology Of European Whitefish, Coregonus Laveratus, In Two Austrian Lakes In Relation To Fisheries Management And Productivity
  • Fisheries Of Lake Victoria: An Underwater Perspective
  • Analysis Of Exploitation Patterns Of Nile Perch In Lake Victoria
  • Recent Trends In The Lake Victoria Fisheries Assessed By ECOPATH
  • Fish Population Structure And It's Relation To Fisheries Yield In Small Reservoirs In The Ivory Coast
  • Review Of The Fisheries In The Brazilian Portion Of The Parana/Pantanal Basin
  • Fish And Fisheries Of Kaptai Reservoir, Bangladesh

2. Anthropogenic Activities/Rehabilitation And Mitigation:

  • Coexistence Of Introduced Perca Fluviatilis And Coregonus Lavaretus In Samta Croce Lake (Italy), And Propositions For Fishery Management
  • Compensatory Responses Of Fish Populations In A Shallow Lowland Lake To Heavy Predation Pressure From Cormorants : Implications For Management
  • Restoration Of Ormesby Broad Through Biomanipulation: Ecological, Technical And Sociological Issues
  • Impacts And Subsequent Control Of An Introduced Piscivore; The Case Of Pike In Chew Valley Lake
  • The Potential To Control Fish Community Structure Using Preference For Different Spawning Substrates In A Temperate Reservoir
  • Fish Ecology And Conservation In Lake Banyoles (Spain): The Neglected Problem Of Exotic Species
  • Conservation Of The Endangered Whitefish, Coregonus Larvaretus, Population Of Haweswater, UK
  • Fish Community And Habitat Changes In The Artificially Stocked Fishery Of Lake Naivasha, Kenya
  • Is The Invasion By Water Hyacinth, Eichhornia Crassipes Solms (Mart) A Blessing To Lake Victoria Fisheries

3. Management:

  • Managing The Exploitation Of Brook Trout, Salvelinus Fontinalis (Mitchell) Populations In Newfoundland Lakes
  • Factors Affecting The Performance Of Still Water Coarse Fisheries In England And Wales
  • Management Of Fisheries In A Large Lake- For Fish And Fishermen
  • Fishery Management Practices In French Lakes
  • Fisheries And Fisheries Management On Lake Peipsi-Pskov, Estonia
  • Non-Conventional Fishery Resources In Reservoirs Of Sri Lanka As A Source Of Food For Cage Aquaculture
  • Potential Species For Fishery Enhancement In Lake Fae, Cote d'Ivoire
  • Pelagic Cichlid Fishes Of Lake Malawi/ Nyasa: Biology, Management And Conservation
  • Unsustainable Tendencies In Lake Victoria Fisheries
  • Principles And Approaches To The Management Of Lake And Reservoir Fisheries
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