Fruit Flies (Tephritidae) Phylogeny and Evolution of Behaviour

Edited by Martin Aluja and Allen Norrbom 
CRC Press  1999  

Hardback  968 page  ISBN 9780849312755      £145.00
Fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) are among the most destructive agricultural pests in the world, eating their way through acres and acres of citrus and other fruits at an alarming rate and forcing food and agriculture agencies to spend millions of dollars in control and management measures. But until now, the study of fruit flies has been traditionally biased towards applied aspects (e.g., management, monitoring, and mass rearing)-understandable, given the tremendous economic impact of this species. This work is the first that comprehensively addresses the study of the phylogeny and the evolution of fruit fly behaviour. An international group of highly renowned scientists review the current state of knowledge and include considerable new findings on various aspects of fruit fly behaviour, phylogeny and related subjects in a definitive treatment, covering all behaviours in a broad range of tephritids.


Section 1: General Framework

  • Phylogenetic Relationships Among the Families of the Superfamily Tephritoidea - Valery A. Korneyev
  • Breeding Habits and Sex in Families Closely Related to the Tephritidae: Opportunities for Comparative Studies on the Evolution of Fruit Fly Behavior - John Sivinski
  • Behavior of Tephritid Flies: A Historical Perspective - Francisco Diaz-Fleischer and Martin Aluja
Section 2: Higher Relationships of Tephritidae
  • Phylogenetic Relationships Among Higher Groups of Tephritidae - Valery A. Korneyev
  • Nucleotide Sequence Data as a Tool to Test Phylogenetic Relationships Among Higher Groups of Tephritidae: A Case Study Using Mitochondrial Ribosomal DNA - Ho-Yeon Han and Bruce A. McPheron
Section 3: Subfamilies Blepharoneurinae and Phytalmiinae
  • Phylogeny of the Subfamily Blepharoneurinae - Allen L. Norrbom and Martha A. Condon
  • Behavior of Flies in the Genus Blepharoneura (Blepharoneurinae) - Martha A. Condon and Allen Norrbom
  • The Evolution of Antlers in Tephritid Flies - Gary N. Dodson
Section 4: Subfamily Trypetinae
  • Phylogeny of the Subtribe Carpomyina (Trypetinae), Emphasizing Relationships of the Genus Rhagoletis - James J. Smith and Guy L. Bush
  • Behavior of Flies of the Genera Rhagoletis, Zonosemata and Carpomya (Trypetinae: Carpomyina) - Ronald J. Prokopy and Daniel R. Papaj
  • Phylogeny and Behavior of Flies in the Tribe Trypetini (Trypetinae) - Ho-Yeon Han
  • Phylogeny of the Genera Anastrepha and Toxotrypana (Trypetinae: Toxotrypanini) based on morphology - Allen L. Norrbom, Roberto A. Zucchi, and Vicente Hernandez-Ortiz
  • Phylogeny of the Genera Anastrepha and Toxotrypana (Trypetinae: Toxotrypanini) based upon 16SrRNA Mitochondrial DNA - Bruce A. McPheron, Ho-Yeon Han, Janisete G. Silva, and Allen L. Norrbom
  • Behavior of Flies in the Genus Toxotrypana (Trypetinae: Toxotrypanini) - Peter J. Landolt
  • Behavior of Flies in the Genus Anastrepha (Trypetinae: Toxotrypanini) - Martin Aluja, Jaime Pinero, Isabel Jacome, Francisco Diaz-Fleischer, and John Sivinski
Section 5: Subfamily Dacinae
  • Phylogeny of the Genus Ceratitis (Dacinae: Ceratitidini) - Marc de Meyer
  • Behavior of Flies in the Genus Ceratitis (Dacinae: Ceratitidini) - Boaz Yuval and Jorge Hendrichs
  • Sexual Behavior and Sexual Selection in the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis Capitata (Dacinae: Ceratitidini) - William G. Eberhard
  • Phylogeny of the Tribe Dacini (Dacinae) Based on Morphological, Distributional and Biological Data - Richard A.I. Drew and David L. Hancock
  • Morphological Features of the Dacini (Dacinae): Their Significance to Behavior and Classification - Ian M. White
  • The Biology and Behavior of Flies in the Tribe Dacini (Dacinae) - Richard A.I. Drew and Meredith C. Romig
Section 6: Subfamily Tephritinae
  • Phylogeny of the Subfamily Tephritinae: Relationships of the Tribes and Subtribes - Valery A. Korneyev
  • A Generic Reclassification and Phylogeny of the Tribe Myopitini (Tephritinae) - Amnon Freidberg and Allen L. Norrbom
  • Phylogeny of the Paleartic and Afrotropical Genera of the Tephritis Group (Tephritinae: Tephritini) - Bernhard Merz
  • Behavior of Flies in the Subfamily Tephritinae - David H. Headrick and Richard D. Goeden
Section 7: Evolution of Behavior
  • Genetic Population Structure in the Tephritidae - Stewart H. Berlocher
  • The Evolution of Fruit Fly Feeding Behavior - Richard A.I. Drew and Boaz Yuval
  • Topics in the Evolution of Sexual Behavior in the Tephritidae - John Sivinski, Martin Aluja, Gary N. Dodson, Amnon Freidberg, David H. Headrick, Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro, and Peter J. Landolt
  • Sexual Pheromones of Tephritid Flies: Clues to Unravel Phylogeny and Behavior - Robert R. Heath, Peter J. Landolt, David C. Robacker, Barbara D. Dueben, and Nancy D. Epsky
  • Evolution of Fruit Fly Oviposition Behavior - Francisco Diaz-Fleischer, Daniel R. Papaj, Ronald J. Prokopy, Allen L. Norrbom, and Martin Aluja
  • Changes in Sexual Behavior and Life History Traits of Tephritid Species Caused by Mass-rearing Processes - Jean-Pierre Cayol
  • Sexual Selection and Speciation in Hawaiian Drosophila (Drosophilidae): A Model System for Research in Tephritidae - Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro
Section 8
  • Glossary - Ian M. White, David H. Headrick, and Allen L. Norrbom

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