Tropical Estuarine Fishes

Blackwell Publishing 

Paperback  384 pp  ISBN 9780632056552      £155.00
Research on the large array of tropical estuarine fishes has increased markedly in recent years and hence scientific knowledge about most aspects of these important fishes' biology and ecology is now catching up with that of their temperate equivalents. This landmark book draws together a vast wealth of information on tropical estuarine fishes and provides a vital reference point for all aspects of their study.

The book's comprehensive contents include thorough coverage of the types and distribution of these fishes, their diversity and the environmental conditions and communities in which they live. Full details of their biology and ecology are an integral part of this book, as are details of these fishes' dependence on estuaries, man's interaction with the estuarine fish community and the conservation of estuarine species and the often threatened habitats upon which they depend.

Readership should include: fish biologists; fisheries scientists; aquatic scientists including those concerned with brackish, marine and freshwater environments; ecologists; environmental scientists and population biologists. Students studying for qualifications in fish biology and fisheries, particularly where there is a tropical element to their course will find this book of great value as a reference. Copies of the book should be available on the shelves of all libraries in research establishments and universities where biological sciences, fish biology, fisheries science or aquatic sciences are studied and taught.


  • Scope and definition
  • The diversity of tropical Estuaries
  • Fish faunas and Communities
  • Trophic Ecology
  • Reproductive strategies
  • Effects of structure and hydrology
  • Mangroves and estuarine dependence
  • Effects of fishing
  • Effects of industry and agriculture
  • Conservation, rehabilitation and climate change
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