Conservation Farming in the United States: Methods and Accomplishments of the STEEP Program

Edgar Michalson, R I Papendick and John Carlson 
CRC Press  December 1998  

Hardback  256 pages  ISBN 9780849311857      £65.00
This book describes the success of the multidisciplinary STEEP (Solutions to Economic and Environmental Problems) conservation project, currently in its third decade, which focuses on the Palouse and the western Pacific Northwest. Topics addressed include integrated pest management; equipment for conservation farming and conservation farming technology transfer to producers.


  • A History of Conservation Research in the Pacific Northwest, E.L. Michalson
  • A Model for Solving Conservation and Environmental Problems, R.I. Papendick and E.L. Michalson
  • Measuring and Modeling Erosion and Erosion Damages, D.K. McCool and A.J. Busacca
  • Residue Management Issues for Conservation Tillage Systems, L.F. Elliott, D.E. Stott, C.L. Douglas, R.I. Papendick, G.S. Campbell, and H. Collins
  • Conservation Cropping Systems and Their Management, C.L. Douglas, P.M. Chevalier, B. Klepper, A.G. Ogg, Jr., and P.E. Rasmussen
  • Integrated Pest Management for Conservation Systems, A.G. Ogg, Jr., R.W. Smiley, K.S. Pike, J.P. McCaffrey, D.C. Thill, and S.S. Quisenberry
  • Developments in Equipment for Conservation Farming, C.L. Peterson
  • The Adoption of Soil Conservation Practices in the Palouse, J.E. Carlson and D.A. Dillman
  • A Systems Approach to Conservation Farming, D. Young, F. Young, J. Hammel, and R. Veseth
  • Conservation Policy Issues, D.J. Walker and D.L. Young
  • Transferring Conservation Farming Technologies to Producers, R.J. Veseth and D.J. Wysocki
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