Snack foods processing

Edited by E W Lusas, Ed Lusas PSI and L W Rooney 
CRC Press  2001  

Hardback  554 pages  ISBN 9781566769327      £145.00
Snack Foods Processing is the definitive handbook on developing, preparing, and processing shelf-stable savory snack foods. It covers a wide range of topics, including ingredients, raw materials specifications, equipment, materials handling, sensory evaluation and quality control methods, and the preparation and processing of specific snack products. Contributors from leading companies provide practical information and guidance based on years of industry experience.


  • The snack industry: history, domestic and global status
  • Food quality of corn
  • Alkaline-cooked corn products
  • Starches for snack foods
  • Oils and industrial frying
  • Hot air dryers
  • Potatoes and potato chips
  • Use of dried potatoes in snack foods
  • Tortilla chip processing
  • Snack foods from formers and high-shear extruders
  • Snack foods from cooking extruders
  • Perfect pretzel production
  • Popcorn products
  • Snack foods of animal origin
  • Rice-based snack foods
  • Japanese snack foods
  • Snack foods of India
  • Snack food seasonings
  • Snack seasonings application
  • Sensory evaluation in snack foods development and production
  • Product protection and packaging materials
  • Snack foods filling and packaging
  • Evaluation methods and quality control for snacks

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