Food product development - Maximising success

Edited by Mary Earle, Richard Earle and Allan Anderson 
Woodhead  2001  

hardback  256 pages  ISBN 9781845697228      £80.00
Product development, from refining an established product range to developing completely new products, is the lifeblood of the food industry. It is, however, a process fraught with risk which often ends in failure. This book explains the means to making product development a success. Filled with examples and practical suggestions, and written by a distinguished team with unrivalled academic and industry expertise, Food product development will be an essential guide for R & D and product development staff, and managers throughout the food industry concerned with this key issue.


Part 1: Introduction

Keys to new product success and failure

  • Food products - the basis of innovation
  • Measures of product success and failure
  • The key factors in product success
  • Product development process: the basis for success
  • Managing for product success
  • Relating to consumers and markets: the key to product success
  • Knowledge of society, industry and technology
  • Product development management in the food industry
  • The basis and structure of the book
  • References

Part 2: Key requirements for successful product development

Developing an innovation strategy

  • The possibilities for innovation
  • Incorporating innovation into the business strategy
  • Building up the innovation strategy
  • Getting the innovation strategy right
  • Focusing the product development programme
  • Developing the product development strategy
  • Planning the product development programme
  • References

The product development process

  • Product strategy
  • Product design and process development
  • Product commercialisation
  • Product launch and evaluation
  • Service in product development
  • Where is the product development process going?
  • References

The knowledge base for product development

  • Technology, knowledge and the food system
  • Knowledge management or knowledge navigation
  • Necessary knowledge for product development
  • Tacit knowledge in product development
  • Creating knowledge in product knowledge
  • References

The consumer in product development

  • Understanding consumer behaviour and food choice
  • Integrating consumer needs and wants in product development
  • Keeping product development focused on the consumers
  • References

Managing the product development process

  • Principles of product development management
  • People in product development management
  • Designing the PD process
  • Establishing key decision points and the decision makers
  • Establishing outcomes, budgets and constraints
  • Organising the PD process
  • Managing the PD process
  • Company organisation for product development
  • References

Case studies: product development in the food system

  • Primary production: creating a new variety
  • Development of Thai mango products and their competitive advantage in export markets
  • Industrial products: PD process and management for whey proteins
  • Consumer products: a new product and new platform in variety sauces
  • Some brief comments on the cases
  • Acknowledgements
  • References

Improving the product development process

  • The key message
  • Evaluating product development
  • Innovation metrics
  • Striving for continuous improvement
  • References
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