Induced Plant Defenses Against Pathogens and Herbivores

Edited by Anurag A. Agrawal, Sadik Tuzun, and Elizabeth Bent 
APS  1999  

hardcover  390 pages; 49 b+w illus  ISBN 978089054-422      £64.00
This book investigates the induced responses of plants to herbivores and to diseases. Plant pathologists and entomologists will find that their disciplines have a lot in common when it comes to the interest in the transduction signals of plants that mediate induced responses. Induced Plant Defenses Against Pathogens and Herbivores will allow these two disciplines to converse and learn from their similarities and differences.

Table of Contents

Induced Resistance Against Pathogens and Herbivores: An Overview;

Part 1: Biochemistry and Mechanisms; Herbivore Saliva and its Effects on Plant Defense Against Herbivores and Pathogens; The Role of Salicylic Acid in Disease Resistance; A Survey of Plant Defense Responses to Pathogens; Genes Involved in Plant-Pathogen Interactions; The Role of Hydrolytic Enzymes in Multigenic and Microbially-Induced Resistance in Plants; Jasmonic Acid-Signaled Responses in Plants; A Survey of Herbivore-Inducible Defensive Proteins and Phytochemicals; Induced Plant Volatiles: Biochemistry and Effects on Parasitoids;

Part 2: Ecology and Evolution; Specificity of Induced Responses to Arthropods and Pathogens; The Influence of Induced Plant Resistance on Herbivore Population Dynamics; Locally-Induced Responses in Plants: The Ecology and Evolution of Restrained Defense; Induced Plant Defense: Evolution of Induction and Adaptive Phenotypic Plasticity; Behavioral Responses of Predatory and Herbivorous Arthropods to Induced Plant Volatiles: From Evolutionary Ecology to Agricultural Applications;

Part 3: Agriculture and Applications; Implementation of Elicitor Mediated Induced Resistance in Agriculture; Jasmonic Acid Mediated Interactions Between Plants, Herbivores, Parasitoids, and Pathogens: A Review of Field Experiments in Tomato; Microbe-Induced Resistance Against Pathogens and Herbivores: Evidence for Effectiveness in Agriculture; Commercial Development of Elicitors of Induced Resistance to Pathogens; Implications of Induced Resistance to Pathogens and Herbivores for Biological Weed Control; Subject and Taxonomic Index

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