Compendium of Rose Diseases (second edition)

R.K. Horst 
APS  2007  

Softcover  64 pages, 83 color photographs, 18 b+w photos and  ISBN 9780890543559 B      £65.00

CD-ROM - personal  ISBN 9780890543559 P D      £65.00

Book and CD-ROM  ISBN 9780890543559 BD      £120.00

CD-ROM - library use  ISBN 9780890543559 LD      £170.00
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Covers the primary infectious diseases as well as disorders caused by environmental imbalance, pollution, pesticides, and more.

The companion CD-ROM is part of the image collection series and contains all 151 color images and 19 black and white illustrations from the compendium. Use these high quality images in PowerPoint presentations and lecture handouts to provide unmistakably clear examples of the diseases of Roses.

Table of Contents

Introduction; Rose Diseases; Infectious Diseases, Noninfectious Diseases, Disease Control;

Part 1: Infectious Diseases;
Diseases Caused by Fungi; Powdery Mildew, Black Spot, Rust, Verticillium Wilt, Downy Mildew, Brand Canker, Common Canker (Rose Graft Canker), Brown Canker, Black Mold, Botrytis Blight, Canker (Dieback), Miscellaneous Diseases Caused by Fungi; Diseases Caused by Bacteria; Crown Gall, Hairy Root; Diseases Caused by Viruses; Rose Mosaic, Strawberry Latent Ringspot Virus, Rose Streak, Rose Rosette, Rose Ring Pattern, Rose Wilt, Rose Spring Dwarf, Rose Leaf Curl, Rose Flower Break, Rose Flower Proliferation, Tobacco Streak Virus; Diseases Caused by Nematodes;

Part 2: Noninfectious Diseases;
Physiologic Problems; Blindness, Bullheads, Bent Neck; Environmental Imbalances; Petal Blackening in Baccara Roses, Petal Bluing in Baccara Roses, Heat and Moisture Stress, Oxygen Deficiency; Air Pollution; Fluoride, Ethylene, Mercury Vapor, Paint Volatiles; Pesticide Toxicity; Nutritional Deficiencies; Nutritional Toxicities; Salinity;

Glossary; Index; Color Plates

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