Compendium of Stone Fruit Diseases

Edited by J.M. Ogawa, E.I. Zehr, G.W. Bird, D.F. Ritchie, K. Uriu, and J.K. Uyemoto 
APS  1995  

softcover  128 pages, 168 color photos, 14 b+w illus  ISBN 0890541744      £65.00
Includes information on apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, prunes, sweet cherries, and sour cherries.

Table of Contents

Introduction; Apricot, Peach and Nectarine, Plum and Prune, Sweet Cherry, Sour Cherry; Part 1: Infectious Diseases; Diseases Caused by Fungi; Fruit Diseases Brown Rot, Short Hole, Scab, Powdery Mildew, Rusty Spot, Green Fruit Rot, Rhizopus Rot, Sour Rot, Miscellaneous Postharvest Fruit Decay, Alternaria Rot and Red Spot Fruit Blemish, Anthracnose, Sour Pit, Botryosphaeria Fruit Rot, Plum Pocket, Fly Speck, Diplodina Fruit Rot, Sooty Blotch; Foliar Diseases; Cherry Leaf Spot, Leaf Curl, Rust, Red Leaf Spot, Frosty Mildew, Gnomoniosis, Monilia Leaf Blight and Green-Fruit Rot, White Rust, Short Hole Spot, Target Leaf Spot, Zonate Leaf Spot, Septoria Leaf Spot, Cercospora Leaf Spot; Cankers, Blights, and Wood Rots; Leucostoma Canker, Silver Leaf, Constriction Canker, Eutypa Dieback, Fungal Gummosis, Black Knot, Ceratocystis Canker, Sclerotium Stem Rot, Phialophora Dieback, Rhodosticta Canker, Phomopsis Blight; Root rots; Armillaria and Clitocybe Root and Crown Rots, Phytophthora Root and Crown Rots, Verticilli um Wilt, Phymatotrichum Root Rot, Rosellinia (Dematophora) Root Rot, Violet Root Rot; Disease complex; Wood Decay, Peach Tree Short Life, Replant Disorders; Phanaerogams; Mistletoe; Diseases Caused by Bacteria; Bacterial Canker, Bacterial Decline, Bacterial Spot, Crown Gall, Phony Peach, Plum Leaf Scald; Diseases Caused by Mycoplasmalike Organisms; Cherry Albino, Cherry Blossom Anomaly, Peach Red Suture, Peach Rosette, Peach Yellows, X-Disease, European Stone Fruit Yellows, Molieres Disease; Plant-Parasitic Nematodes; Root-Knot Nematodes, Root-Lesion Nematodes, Ring Nematodes, Dagger Nematodes, Other Nematodes; Diseases Caused by Virus and Viruslike Agents; Viruses spread by pollen; Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus, Prune Dwarf Virus, Plum Line Pattern Ilarviruses; Viruses spread by nematodes, insects, and mites; Cherry Mottle Leaf Virus, Peach Mosaic, Little Cherry, Plum Pox Virus, Cherry Raspleaf Virus, Peach Rosette Mosaic Virus, Tomato Ringspot Virus, Other Nepoviruses; Viruses and pathogens spread by graft ing; Apple Chlorotic Leaf Spot Virus, Apricot Ring Pox and Cherry Twisted leaf, Cherry Black Canker, Cherry Necrotic Rusty Mottle, Lambert Mottle & Frogmore Virus Canker, Cherry Rusty Mottle, Cherry Short Stem, Cherry Stem Pitting, Cherry Mottle, Peach Mottle, Peach Dapple Fruit Viroid, (Sour Cherry) Green Ring Mottle Virus, (Sour Cherry) Pink Fruit, Spur Cherry, Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus, Other Graft-Transmitted Pathogens; Part 2: Noninfectious Disorders; Genetic and Physiological Disorders; Apricot Gumboil, Plum Chlorotic Fleck and Peach Yellow Spot, Plum Rusty Blotch, Prune Crinkle Leaf, Prune Leaf Casting Mottle, Sweet Cherry Crinkle Leaf and Deep Suture Disorders, Russet Scab, Dead Button, Nectarine Pox, Peach Skin Discoloration, False Shot Hole Disorder, Self Sterility and Formation of Button, Fasciation, Graft Incompatibility, Sunburning, Leaf Scorch, Pit-Burning of Apricot and Blackening of Peach, Internal Browning of Prunes, Premature Dessication of Prunes, Doubling and Spurring of Sweet Cherries and other Fruits, Flower Bud Abscission, Low Temperature Injuries, Hail Damage, Cracking of Sweet Cherries, End Cracking of Prunes, Side Cracking of Prunes, Excessive Soil Moisture, Insufficient Water, Splitting of the Endocarp, Gumming, Blossom End Rot, Shrivelling of Prematurely Harvested Fruit, Cracking of Fruit Epidermis, Internal Browning of Stone Fruits, Poor Pigmentation of Fruits, Poor Flower Bud Formation and Fruit Set, Effects of Atmospheric Pollution, Non-bearing Syndrome of Plums and Inexplicable Disorders; Nutritional Disorders Nitrogen, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron; Glossary; Index; Color Plates

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