Compendium of Sorghum Diseases, Second Edition

Edited by Richard A. Frederiksen and Gary N. Odvody 
APS  2000  

129 pages, 122 col photos, 32 b+w illus  ISBN 0890542406      £65.00
Use the updated information and 122 color photographs in the Compendium of Sorghum Diseases, Second Edition to prevent, diagnose, and control sorghum diseases. Major revisions were made in the sections covering ergot and diseases caused by Fusarium species. Up-to-date coverage on the recent advances made in sorghum diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and selected fungi is included. The section on abiotic diseases is particularly significant considering the extensive acreage of sorghum grown in poor soils and hot, dry climates.

New developments covered in the second edition allow users to follow current pathogen terminology with the inclusion of updated smut fungi names and gain insight into the ongoing investigation of the taxonomic relations of fungi such as Fusarium spp. and Colletotrichum spp.

In addition to the comprehensive coverage of more than 60 diseases and disorders, this book includes a section on beneficial microorganisms associated with sorghum, and a ready reference to insect and mite problems.

Compendium of Sorghum Diseases, Second Edition is ideal for growers, crop consultants, plant scientists, extension specialists, educators, students, county agents and others interested in sorghum disease diagnosis and control.

Table of Contents Preface; Authors/Contributors; Contents; Introduction; The Sorghum Plant; Developmental Stages; Sorghum Diseases; Biotic Diseases Diseases of Sorghum Caused by Prokaryotes Bacterial Leaf Stripe, Streak, Blight, Spot; Bacterial Top and Stalk Rot; Yellow Leaf Blotch; Diseases Caused by Fungi; Seedling Diseases; Foliar Diseases; Leaf Blight; Anthracnose Gray, Ladder, Zonate, Rough, Oval Leaf Spot; Sooty Stripe; Tar Spot; Target Leaf Spot; Other Foliar Pathogens; Smuts and Rust Head, Loose, Covered Kernel Smut; Long Smut; Rust; Downy Mildews; Crazy Top; Sorghum Downy Mildew; Root and Stalk Diseases Anthracnose Stalk Rot; Fusarium Root and Stalk Rot; Fusarium; Species Associated with Sorghum; Charcoal Rot; Pokkah Boeng (Twisted Top); Milo Disease; Pythium Root Rot; Acremonium Wilt; Leaf Sheath Diseases; Banded Leaf and Sheath Blight; Zonate Leaf Spot on Leaf Sheaths; Southern Sclerotial Rot; Panicle and Seed Diseases; Grain Mold; Head Blight; Ergot; Storage Molds; Mycotoxicoses; Diseases Caused by Viruses and Viru slike Organisms; Potyviridae; Maize stripe virus; Maize chlorotic dwarf virus; Sorghum yellow banding virus; Furovirus; Sorghum chlorotic spot virus; Peanut clump virus; Rhabdoviridae; Sorghum stunt mosaic virus; Maize mosaic virus; Reoviridae; Geminiviridae; Other Viruses; Yellow Sorghum Stunt; Diseases Caused by Nematodes; Stunt Nematodes; Root-Lesion Nematodes; Root-Knot Nematodes; Other Nematodes; Parasitic Plants; Witchweed, Striga spp.; Abiotic Diseases; Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities; Water and Temperature Stresses; Genetic Disorders; Pesticide Injury; Beneficial Microorganisms; Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae; Insect Pests; Seed- and Root-Feeding Insects; Foliage-Feeding Insects; Stem-Boring Insects; Panicle-Feeding Insects; Controlling Sorghum Diseases; Methods of Control; Breeding for Disease Resistance; Disease Management; Glossary

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