Compendium of Barley Diseases, Second Edition

Edited by D.E. Mathre 
APS  1997  

120 pages, 142 color photos, 40 b+w photos and ill  ISBN 0890541809      £64.00
Originally published in 1982, this edition is extensively revised. Changes include 26 additional color photographs, new sections, re-written sections, coverage of new diseases that were described after 1982, updated symptom and pathogen descriptions, updated literature citations, and updated disease and pathogen nomenclature.

Table of Contents

Introduction; The Barley Plant; Barley Disease; Infectious Pathogens: Viruses, Bacteria and Phytoplasmas, Fungi, Nematodes; Noninfectious Pathogens; Disease Development and Control

Part 1: Infectious Diseases

Diseases Caused by Bacteria and Phytoplasmas; Bacterial Leaf Blight; Bacterial Kernel Blights; Bacterial Stripe Blight; Aster Yellows

Diseases Caused by Fungi; Common Root Rot and Seedling Blight; Eyespot or Strawbreaker Foot Rot; Pythium Root Rot (Browning Root Rot); Sharp Eyespot; Rhizoctonia Root Rot; Seed Rot; Damping-Off; Snow Molds; Southern Blight; Take-All; Anthracnose; Ascochyta Leaf Spot; Barley Stripe; Cephalosporium Stripe; Verticillium Wilt; Downy Mildew; Halo Spot; Leptosphaeria Leaf Spot; Net Blotch; Powdery Mildew; Scald; Spot Blotch; Tan Spot (Yellow Leaf Spot); Septoria Speckled Leaf Blotch; Leaf and Glume Blotch; Wirrega Blotch; Rusts; Crown Rust; Leaf Rust; Stem Rust; Stripe Rust; Smuts; Covered Smut; Loose Smut; False Loose Smut; Dwarf Bunt; Ergot; Head Blight (Scab); Storage Molds; Black Point or Kernel Blight

Diseases Caused by Viruses and Viruslike Agents; Barley Mild Mosaic; Barley Mosaic; Barley Stripe Mosaic; Barley Yellow Dwarf; Barley Yellow Mosaic; Barley Yellow Stripe; Barley Yellow Streak Mosaic; Brome Mosaic; Northern Cereal Mosaic; African Cereal Streak; Cereal Tillering; Chloris Striate Mosaic; Enanismo; Hordeum Mosaic; Oat Blue Dwarf; Oat Pseudorosette; Oat Sterile Dwarf; Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf; Rice Stripe; Soilborne Wheat Mosaic; Wheat Dwarf; Wheat Streak Mosaic; Eastern Wheat Striate; Wheat Yellow Leaf; Russian Winter Wheat Mosaic; Other Viruses; Viruslike Diseases

Nematode Diseases; Cereal Cyst Nematodes; Cereal Root-Knot Nematodes; Root-Gall Nematode; Migratory Nematodes; Stunt Nematode; Root Lesion Nematodes; Other Nematodes

Part 2: Noninfectious Diseases

Animal Pests; Insects; Mollusks; Disorders Caused by Environmental Stress; Air Pollutants; Chemical Injuries; Color Banding; Frost and Winter Injury; Hail Damage; Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities; Physiological Disorders; Physiological Leaf Spots

Glossary; Index; Color Plates
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