Compendium of Corn Diseases, Third Edition

Edited by Donald G. White 
APS  1999  

softcover  128 pages, 177 col photos, 21 b+w photos  ISBN 0890542341      £65.00

More than 90 plant pathology experts have collaborated to update one of the most popular APS PRESS Compendia of all time. Compendium of Corn Diseases, Third Edition is completely rewritten and includes more than twice the information as the previous edition. This new guide is the most up-to-date resource available for identifying and controlling diseases and disorders of corn. Everything is new, with special attention given to updating symptoms, pathogen descriptions, literature citations, and newly important diseases. With 177 color photographs, nearly all of them new, the third edition offers more than twice the color images as before. State-of-the art color reproduction and high quality detailed images make this a must-have resource for anyone working with corn.

This resource is ideal for growers, crop consultants, agronomists, plant scientists, extension workers, teachers, students, county agents, libraries.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Infectious Diseases; Prokaryotic Diseases-Bacteria; Stewart's Bacterial Wilt; Goss€ Bacterial Wilt and Leaf Blight; Holcus Spot; Bacterial Leaf Blight; Bacterial Stalk Rot; Bacterial Leaf Streak; Bacterial Leaf Stripe and Leaf Spot; Chocolate Spot; Other Bacterial Leaf Spots and Blights; Procaryotic Diseases-Mollicutes; Corn Stunt; Maize Bushy Stunt; Fungal Diseases; Seed Rots and Damping Off; Root Rots; Rhizoctonia Root Rot; Pythium Root Rot; Fusarium Root Rot; Pink Root Rot Foliar Diseases; Helminthosporum-Like Leaf Spots and Blights; Southern Corn Leaf Blight; Northern Corn Leaf Blight; Northern Corn Leaf Spot; Rostratum Leaf Spot; Physoderma; Brown Spot; Eye Spot; Anthracnose; Gray Leaf Spot; Foliar; Diseases of Minor Importance or Limited Occurrence; Fungal Diseases-Downy Mildews; Sorghum Downy Mildew; Java Downy Mildew; Philippine Downy Mildew; Sugarcane Downy Mildew; Spontaneum Downy Mildew; Leaf Splitting Downy Mildew; Graminicola Downy Mildew; Crazy Top; Brown Stripe Downy Mildew; F ungal Diseases-Ergot; Fungal Diseases-Smut; Common Smut; Head Smut; False Smut; Fungal Diseases-Rusts Common Maize Rust; Southern (Polysora) Rust Tropical Rust; Fungal Diseases-Stalk Rots; Gibberella Stalk Rot; Diplodia Stalk Rot; Anthracnose Stalk Rot; Charcoal Rot; Fusarium Stalk Rot; Pythium Stalk Rot; Other Fungal; Stalk Rot Diseases; Late Wilt; Ear and Kernel Rots; Aspergillus Ear Rot; Diplodia Ear Rot; Fusarium Kernel or Ear Rot; Gibberella or Red Ear Rot; Nigrospora Ear or Cob Rot; Penicillium Rot and Blue Eye; Other Ear Rot Diseases; Mycotoxins and Mycotoxicoses; Aflatoxin; Fumonisins; Doxynivalenol and Other Trichothecenes; Zearalenone; Ochratoxins; Virus Diseases; Maize Dwarf Mosaic; Maize Chlorotic Dwarf; Maize Streak; Maize Rough Dwarf; Other Selected Virus Diseases; Nematode Diseases; Root-Knot Nematodes; Lesion Nematode; Sting Nematode; Needle Nematode; Stubby-Root Nematode; Awl Nematode; Cyst Nematode; Dagger Nematode; Lance Nematode; Ring Nematode; Spiral Nematode; Stunt Nematode; General Cont rol of Nematodes; Parasitic Seed Plants - Witchweed;

Part 2: Noninfectious or Abiotic Problems of Corn; Chemical Excesses and Injuries; Fertilizer Burn; Anhydrous or Aqua Amonia Damage; Other Nutrient Excesses; Nutrient Deficiencies; Nitrogen; Phosphorus; Potassium; Calcium; Magnesium; Sulfur; Zinc; Iron; Manganese; Copper; Boron; Molybdenum; Herbicide Injuries; Environmental Factors; Drought; Excessive Moisture; Frost; High Temperatures; Sun Scald and Cold Banding; Wind; Other Abnormalities; Buggy Whip; Purple Leaf Sheath; Genetic Stripe Leafspots and Flecks; Red Stalk or Red Leaf; Kernel Red Streak; Exposed Ear Tips; Popped Kernel and Silk-Cut; Branched Ear; Floral Abnormalities; Air pollutant; Ozone; Fluorides; Chlorine; Sulfur Dioxide; Peroxyacetyl Nitrate; Glossary; Index

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