Plant Diseases: Their Biology and Social Impact

Gail L. Schumann 
APS  1991  

hardcover  397 pages, 271 photos and illus  ISBN 0890541167      £60.00
This textbook teaches basic plant and microbial biology while explaining phytopathology and its cultural relevance. Written for use as a general biology course, its fascinating historical approach will pique the interest of the undergraduate student. It will also prepare him or her to address controversial modern issues including genetic engineering and pesticide use. Plant pathology instructors will find the text appropriate for students who require a less detailed introduction to phytopathology. Suitable as an independent text or as supplemental reading.

Table of Contents

The Irish Potato Famine and the Birth of Plant Pathology; Introduction to the Fungi and Their Life Cycles; Pathogens and Quarantines; Bacteria; Genes and Genetic Engineering; Plant Disease Epidemics and Their Management; Pesticides; Soil, The Rhizosphere, and Soilborne Pathogens; Fungi in Food: Natural Poisons and Gourmet Delicacies; Rusts; Drying Trees and Parasitic Plants; Viruses and More Recently Discovered Pathogens; Environmental Diseases and Problems; Plant Diseases in a Hungry World; Glossary; Figure Credits; Index

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