Pharmacognosy - phytochemistry of medicinal plants (2nd Edition)

Jean Bruneton 
Lavoisier  1999  

Hardcover  1136 pages, illustrated  ISBN 1898298637      £200.00

This new edition of this book has been revised and expanded with over 200 additional pages reflecting the most recent advances in natural and semisynthetic substances. It also features the most recent additions to the therapeutic arsenal such as antimalarial, antitumor and antiretroviral agents. Drawing on bisynthetic relationships the book describes both the primary and secondary classes of metabolites and the drugs from which they originate. Photochemical generatites, distribution, biosynthesis, extraction and quantitation methods and biological aspects are developed for each class. All raw materials are meticulously detailed giving origin, identity, production, composition, uses, processing and optimisation. The result is a considerable amount of botanical, chemical, analytical, pharmacological and therapeutic data gathered into this truly comprehensive compilation. Therapeutic indications and recommended usage are specified for each product. An extensive index with almost 3000 entries and some 500 references are a valuable starting point for a search of the literature. The book is aimed at students, teachers and professionals who use: plant resources in pharmacy, cosmeticology, perfumery, botany, food technology and related fields. It covers compounds of primary metabolism: carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and peptides, proteins and enzymes, phenolics, shikimates, acetates, terpenoids, steroids and alkaloids.

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