Delivery and Perception of Pathogen Signals in Plants

Noel T. Keen, Shigeyuki Mayama 
APS  2000  

280 pages, 39 black and white illus  ISBN 0890542597      £64.00

Summarizing the 8th Japan-U.S. seminar on plant-pathogen interactions this book presents cutting-edge research on plant-microbe interactions. Delivery and Perception of Pathogen Signals in Plants features several papers containing original, significant research on the mechanisms of plant-pathogen interactions and a historical overview of the field of plant-microbe interactions.

Plant pathologists, microbiologists, agronomists and plant biologists interested in current information on plant-pathogen interactions.

The research presented in this book utilizes plants ranging from Arabidopsis to soybean and includes information on:

  • emerging research dealing with how fungal pathogens compromise host plants
  • mechanisms involving bacterial effector gene products that confer virulence or avirulence functions in plants
  • active plant defense signaling pathways occurring in response to recognition of pathogen elicitors
Table of Contents

Preface; Sponsors; Particpants and Observers; Perception of Pathogen Signals to Initate Active Defense; Delivery of Pathogen Signals: Historical Approach; Adhesion of Fungal Spores and Effects on Plants Cells; Bacterial Avr Proteins: Secreted Agents of Parasitism and Elicitors of Plant Defense; Rice Receptors for Chitin and Glucan Elicitors; Understanding Pectate Lyase C at the Atomic Level; A New Type of Host-Selective Toxin, a Protein from Alternaria brassiciola; Chlorosis-Inducing Phytotoxins: Virulence Factors Produced by Pseudomonas syringae; Molecular Genetics of Host Specific Toxin Biosynthesis in Alternaria alternata; Victorin, Apoptosis and the Mitochondrion; Suppressors of Defense€Supprescins and Plant Receptor Molecules; Signaling Pathways for TMV€ And Wound-Induced Resistance in Tobacco Plants; Genetic Relationships Specifying Bacterial Diseases Resistance in Xanthomonas-Pepper Interactions; Signaling in Rice Disease Resistance; Mi-l, a Dual function Diseases Resistance Gene in Tomato; Pathogen Re cognition and Signal Transduction Mediated by the Product of the Pto Disease Resistance Gene; Regulation of Nuclear Gene Expression in Relation to Signal Molecules; Molecular Interactions Between the Rice Blast Resistance Gene Pi-ta and its corresponding Avirulence Gene; The Oxidative Burst in Plants: Mechanism and Function in Induced Resistance; Perception of the Syringolide Elicitors by Soybean Cells; Citrus Responses to a Pathogenicity Factor: The Brown Spot Disease Caused by the Rough Lemon Pathotype of Alternaria alternata; Effectors of Bacterial Virulence and Mediators of Diseases Resistance Responses: The Two Faces of Avr; Apoptotic Response in Defense of Oats to Infections and Elicitors; Trafficking of Pathogenicity-related Gene Products from Xanthomonas citir into Plant Cell; Trafficking of Plant Defense Response Compounds; Biotechnology as an Approach to Improving Diseases Resistance in Plants; Synopsis

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